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Vibe Shop Product Spotlight: Vibe 10l Dry Bag

Written by Matt Charette on April 09, 2020

While water is essential to kayaking, we all carry stuff that we do not want getting wet while on our adventures. That is where the Vibe 10l Dry Bag comes into the picture. This versatile PVC dry bag is the perfect size to carry all the important things you want to keep from being water damaged while adventuring.

This rugged bag is easy to use. Just fill it with whatever you want to keep dry, squeeze some of the air out, roll the top a few times, and clasp the buckle, attach the included shoulder strap, which can also be used as a leash to keep your bag within reach and secured to your boat. The PVC bag with fully welded seams will do the rest!

This is one accessory that is often overlooked by kayak adventurers but can really be the difference between having an epic adventure and a story to tell or having a miserable time. A wet first aid kit is almost useless, and no one likes wearing wet clothing, or drying out their wallet, keys, or cell phone!

The old saying “Don’t bring anything kayaking that you don’t want getting wet” is no longer valid with the Vibe Dry Bag. Feel confident that your adventure won’t be ruined or cut short because your sensitive gear got wet and damaged. It is a great way to ensure that your next adventure will have no drama.