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Top-Rated Yellowfin 100, 120, and 130 Tandem Upgrades

The Yellowfin series is unique, just like the gifts in this list! Upgraded seats and paddles, foot braces, and deck padding are perfect for making days on the water more comfortable. Be sure to get your family a Vibe 20 qt Cooler to extend your adventures with lunch and cold drinks— family is what this season and every season is about! 

Ember Carbon Fiber Paddle

At a fraction of the price of the other premium carbon fiber paddles out there, the Vibe Ember is purpose engineered to be super lightweight, length adjustable, and easy to paddle. It has a built-in line-retrieval hook, and a blade edge designed to be used as a handy 'pull-closer' to grab a partner's boat or the dock. The shaft ruler lets you easily prove the length of a catch! 

  • Dihedral blades 
  • Adjustable cam-lock shaft 
  • 40-inch tape measure on shaft 
  • Built-in hook for retrieving a snagged lure
  • Available in two vibrant colors

Price: $159.99

Hero 2.0

The Hero Seat 2.0 is one of the best upgrades for Yellfowfin kayaks purchased before 2022. Under-seat storage access gives anglers more room for bait and tackle and easy-to-access tools. Superior back and lumbar support make fishing trips more comfortable than ever.

  • All day, every day superior back & lumbar support
  • Under-seat storage access
  • Cooling-drying airflow & water wicking technology
  • Removable & usable as camp chair
  • Folds flat for easy storing or for extra standing room

Price: $149.99

Yellowfin Deck Padding

The Yellowfin Deck Padding looks slick, but it’s far from it. The 5mm EVA foam material provides exceptional traction even when wet. These deck padding kits are quick and easy to install, and fit all yellowfin models. 

  • Provides traction even when wet
  • EVA Foam material
  • Peel and Stick Installation

Yellowfin 100 and 120 Price: $69.99

Yellowfin 130T Price: $115.99

Summit Perch

The Summit Perch instantly delivers superior sight-fishing by getting you higher off the water.  The additional seating position saves your back, legs and feet for all-day, every-day comfort and control, whether seated or standing.

  • Easily attaches to back of Summit Seat and Hero Seat 2.0
  • Adds 16 inches of height off water line
  • Slip-free premium EVA padding

Price: $119.99

The Yellowfin series kayaks are versatile recreational and fishing kayaks fit for any budget. You can mod out these vessels to fit your adventure needs at your own pace. We've added a few more items perfect for this kayak below.