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Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks
Sea Ghost 110 - Vibe Kayaks

Sea Ghost 110

SKU: VKB-20R-SG11001-RV



The Sea Ghost 110 is the go-anywhere, do-anything, angler's multi-tool kayak. As the powerhouse sibling to the Sea Ghost 130, the Sea Ghost 110 features a toe-controlled rudder for easy maneuverability in ultra-tight quarters. Owners will be able to reach spots inaccessible to power boats for undisturbed fishing adventures.

Engineered as a super-versatile fishing platform, the Sea Ghost 110 inherits all the fishing-focused features of the Sea Ghost 130 but in a lighter, more agile package. It's the ultimate pro-level watercraft for a "choose your own adventure" experience.


  • Length: 11' 6"
  • Width: 33"
  • Capacity: 425 pounds
  • Hull Weight: 62 pounds
  • Fully Loaded Weight: 84 pounds
  • Paddlers: Single Person
  • Material: Rotomolded single piece high density polyethylene
  • Package Includes: Vibe Hero Seat, kayak rudder kit (pre-installed)

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Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110 kayak with Versa center console

Versa Center Console

Features a Verse Center Console with a watertight seal, hinged access, dual mini hatches with PVC cargo bags, a magnetic lure catch-all, cup holder, and two gear tracks.

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110 kayak protected transducer port with scupper

Protected Transducer Port

The fishfinder transducer port features mounting points and a protective lid, keeping the transducer unobstructed. This allows the down imaging technology to function with optimal performance while also providing protection against head-on collision damage.

Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Kayak rudder

Rudder Included

Includes a rudder and toe-controlled steering for maximum straight tracking and control in the wind and current.

Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Evolve Paddle on bow mounted paddle park of Sea Ghost 110 Kayak

Quick Paddle Park

Spend time fighting fish, not your gear. Features a bungee quick paddle park, allowing you to securely stow your paddle within reach but out of the way.

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110 Hero Seat

Hero Seat 2.0

Includes the dual-position Vibe Hero Seat. The breathable mesh fabric dries quickly and ensures both you and your seat stay dry. Adjustable straps allow you to create your most comfortable back support position so you can fish all day.

Tackle tray storage on Vibe Sea Ghost 110 kayak

x2 Tackle Tray Slots

Tackle changes are fast and easy with the two 3600 series tackle tray slots, one on either side of your chair, which can be secured under the bungee lashing and pulled out with just one hand.

Vibe Sea Ghost 110 fishing kayak replaceable skid plate

Replaceable Skid Plate

The replaceable skid plate safeguards the kayak's keel from damage caused by dragging over rough surfaces.

Vibe Sea Ghost 110 Kayak flush mount rod holders

x2 Flush Mount Rod Holders

Two rear flush-mount rod holders keep your essential rods within quick reach while still ensuring they are out of the way of your cast and tree branches.

Best in class storage in Vibe Sea Ghost 110 fishing kayak

Rear Cargo

Bring everything you need for a full day's adventure with the large rear tankwell, bungee cargo net to secure your crate or other gear, and the 6-inch V Wave Deck Plate that includes a PVC cargo bag.

Built-In Fishing Features

Keep your kayak organized with built-in tackle tray slots, gear mounts, rod holders, and a magnetic lure catcher.

Summit Perch Compatible

The quick-dry, super-plush Hero Seat, with two optimized seating positions, accommodates the Summit Seat Perch for superb sight fishing.

Feature Rich

With so many sweet features pouring out of this boat, you can still mod it out more to make it your own tricked out ride for any adventure.


Get into some seriously skinny water, and once you're there, have the stability you'll need to pull those river monsters out of hiding.

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110 squid-like man character


Slow Moving Rivers
Fast Current
Choppy Water



Galaxy color Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110
Light to maneuver on and off the water
Fishing in a Sea Ghost 110 with Miami skyline
Fly fishing from a Vibe Kayak in Slate Blue
Shallow water portage with Vibe Kayak
Idyllic river with clear water
Largemouth bass suspended in structure
Angler tying on new fishing lure
Woman paddling galaxy colored Sea Ghost 110 kayak
Fishing in an orange Sea Ghost 110 surrounded by lillypads

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

This is my first advanced level kayak and I feel like this is the best BANG of the BUCK in terms of expandability. The VibeSEAGHOST 110 has been with me for an entire summer on lake Erie and its been fantastic... The stability on any water so far has been a great surprise as I have had 0 fear of ever tipping over especially in the bay with all of the boats passing by.

I look forward to adding the Bixpy jet motor and a nice fish finder during the off season... Did I mention this is amazing to fish on? Lots of storage right for swallowing loads of fish lures, camping gear and supplies.

This kayak is a 10/10 from me and does everything a kayak could do before you want to level up to a boat. You will need a trailer or some kind of way to load this up as I wouldn't want to fight to put this thing on top of the family SUV but if you are buying a kayak in this realm, you are most likely aware that these are pushing 70-80LBS. If you are looking for a pro level Kayak especially for camping and fishing then look no further than the Vibe SeaGhost 110.

Mary Hutchinson
New Sea Ghost 110

Fit and finish very nice, received as a gift in October. I'm storing in my garage for the winter. I stood in/on it and seemed very stable. Looking forward to it first use in the spring as it's already freezing here in northern Illinois.

Jeff Capen
Great first kayak, very happy with my purchase and the price point (end of season sale)

My first kayak. Have only taken it out once so far but it tracks well compared to others I have used and it’s pretty feature-rich for the price point. The rudder pedals are easy to use and help quite a bit.

Seems well thought out (versa console, grooves for tackle boxes, fishfinder transducer plate and scupper hole) and is beautiful. Nice weight capacity for a bigger guy like myself (6’ 255), I am confident in its ability to safely float me and any gear I may reasonably need for a short or medium trip.

Seat might be the best part and I can’t wait to put the perch on before next season.

Tony Greif
Wow, what a kayak !

The Sea Ghost 110 is absolutely awesome, and the Raven color is stunning, the delivery…not so much, it was a long wait. Once the kayak arrived and I unwrapped it, I knew immediately that it was the kayak for me. It’s fully loaded with all the storage, tracks, and bungees you could ever need. It was well thought out, with two exceptions:

1: The bolts at the top of the seat back need to be reversed because they stick out and catch on shirt sleeves and the PFD, potentially causing damage.
2: They use a specific size threaded insert to attach the transducer “M5” - 5mm-0.80 x 16mm bolt, but they do not include them, so it took a 20 mile round trip to spend $0.62.

The rudder system was a little difficult to figure out because it came strung wrong, so I had to get online and figure out the correct way to route the deploy cable through the rudder, but it didn’t take long once I got it figured out. It’s not the lightest boat, and fully decked out it got heavier. Luckily I own a small boat trailer and am working on getting converted to haul my Sea Ghost.
Here in Iowa, the water is still frozen, so I haven’t had a chance to take it out yet. It’s very wide so I don’t consider stability an issue…I don’t plan to anyway.
If you’re planning on getting a BlackPak Pro for your Sea Ghost 110, you will need the 13x13 size.

The Sea Ghost 110 is an amazing boat, just long enough for all day fishing, with a carry capacity beyond imagination, and short enough for local rivers.

Great boat

So I just upgraded from a skipjack to the Seaghost 110. I have to tell ya I was worried about the length and me being so short and not very heavy that I may not be able to control this boat in the water. This boat floats solid, tracks solid and the stability is absolutely wonderful. I wasn’t a fan of the rudder, I removed that equipment. The center console shows to not be watertight so I turned mine into a live well. It can hold a good many of brim that’s for sure. Overall I would say this is a budget friendly well equipped yak. Great for swamps or big lakes from my experience.