JOSHUA THOMASPartner, Kayak Addict

Father, husband, fisherman and kayak addict, Josh can be found paddling any type of water if there is fish to be caught. Born in Texas, he grew up in Germany, Florida and Virginia and has had Georgia on his mind since 1996. Often found barefoot, this summertime junkie wears a jacket when it’s below 80 degrees, and will easily run the furnace before 7am during a Georgia summer heatwave. Josh is an analytical thinker, natural born problem solver and looks at life like a puzzle. In his world, problems are just answers waiting to be found.

JOHN EWALDPartner, Saltwater Junkie

Having called almost every U.S. coast home, John bolts off to salt air, waves, and rolling surf any chance he can. He has a passion for cooking, and one of his many goals in life is to master a dish from every country. With three awesome kids and an addiction to the sea, rumor has it he bleeds saltwater. Most would find it hard to believe he grew up shy, but John’s take-charge attitude, huge smile, and big personality make him a natural born leader.

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