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Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks
Cubera 120 Hybrid - Vibe Kayaks

Cubera 120 Hybrid

Caribbean Blue
SKU: VKB-20W-C120001-CB

The Cubera 120 is a unique, SUP-hybrid kayak designed to be unsinkable and ultra-stable in a variety of water types and conditions. The open deck and signature Vibe features enable owners to customize the Cubera 120 for their preferred water adventures.

It's compatible with the optional four-position Vibe Summit Seat and Base, which can attach the Summit Perch to add 16 inches above the waterline, whether seated or standing.

The Cubera 120 excels in sight-fishing and provides access to both ultra-shallow shores and deep ocean spots. At 12 ft, there is plenty of room to haul gear or paddle with a kid or dog upfront.


  • Length: 12'
  • Width: 33.5"
  • Capacity: 475 pounds
  • Hull Weight: 72 pounds
  • Fully Loaded Weight: 78 pounds
  • Paddlers: Single Person
  • Material: (Exterior) Rotomolded single piece high density polyethylene; (Interior) Sink proof pressure-injected foam
  • Package Includes: Hull only. Seat and base sold separately.

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Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 optional summit seat

Optional Summit Seat

Accommodates the revolutionary Vibe Summit Seat, providing superior comfort, generous lumbar and back support, cooling-drying airflow, four sitting positions, drawer storage, and optional Summit Perch.

Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 open deck storage

Open Deck Storage

This hybrid fishing kayak features a huge open deck platform with tie-down points for adding cargo or rigging accessories, while still providing plenty of available cargo room.

Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 gear tracks for rigging

x7 Gear Tracks

Built ready for customization with seven integrated, top-loading gear tracks. Mount anything from tool retractors and GoPro cameras to rod holders and fish finders.

Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 sealed hatch

Sealed Hatch

The 8-inch sealed V-Wave deck plate with a cargo bin provides sealed storage to keep smaller items secure and close at hand.

Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 gear storage

Gear Storage

The open deck platform has 14 D-rings and plenty of bungee cords to customize your storage setup, plus six gear tracks to mount fish finders, rod holders, etc. 

Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 Phantom Grip Handles

Phantom Grip Handles

Four Vibe Phantom Grip handles at key carry points offer a comfortable grip, eliminate pinch points, and the bungee paddle park secures the paddle.

Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchor Mount

PowerPole Mount

A rear Power Pole mount provides ultimate configuration options for mounting aft accessories such as the Power Pole Shallow Water Anchor or trolling motor.

Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 replaceable skid plates

Replaceable Skid Plates

Unique hull design ensures optimal tracking and stability on both skinny and deep waters, with replaceable skid plates preventing hull damage from dragging or hitting rocks.

Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 center carrying handle

Center Carry Handle

With a center-deck molded-in comfort grip, one person can easily and comfortably carry this SUP-hybrid kayak to and from the water. 

No Flex Sink Proof Hull

Features a sink-proof, pressure-injected closed-cell foam hull that offers firm footing with zero deck flex and ensures maximum safety.

Low Profile Hull Design

SUP-style freeboard provides more room for you to stand and own your space, making it easier to get on and off the board and customize your rig.

Limitless Configuration

Designed for many configuration options: SUP paddling, sitting on a cooler, or using the Vibe Summit Seat.

475 Pound Weight Capacity

Top of its class when it comes to speed, stability, maneuverability, and weight capacity—designed to carry you and plenty of gear.

Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120


Slow Moving Rivers
Fast Current
Choppy Water


Fully rigged Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 fishing kayak SUP hybrid


Vibe Cubera 120 Hybrid 5 seating options
Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 perfect for offshore kayaking and paddling
Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 ultimate sight fishing platform
Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 tarpon fishing
Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 perfect for standing
Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 adventures
Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 perfect for fly fishing
Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 fly fishing rod holder
Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 perfect for saltwater fishing
Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 perfect for freshwater fishing
Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120 perfect for paddling adventures

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Cory Hamilton
The Best of Both Worlds

I own both paddle boards and kayaks. The Cubera is a great hybrid that allows you to do both activities simultaneously. Is it the greatest paddleboard ever? No... It's heavy and doesn't track nearly as well as my other paddle board, That is due to having rear skags as apposed to long fins. The trade off is this thing is nimble so you can maneuver rivers and other tight spots that are impossible with a typical paddle board. Put simply, It's just a fun time and a comfortable experience all day. If you like to be on the water for hours like me and don't want to deal with back pain, give the Cubera a look. The convenience of switching from sitting and standing allows me to be on the water as long as I want. I came from a Hobie with an advantage seat. For me it didn't matter how much money I spent, sitting for hours was uncomfortable.

Nou Phousirith
Versatile & Multifunctional Kayak Paddleboard Hybrid

It shocks people when I tell I fish out of the Vibe Cubera because most people think it's unstable. I load mine with a 45qt cooler, a crate to hold 4 rods, bait bucket, my tackles and plenty of back up gears for those rainy Florida summers. I've had friends do headstands on them, kids using it for the first time and one was 8 years old paddling on her own. I've had friends that have never paddled before whom says they don't have great balance and have no problems.
This is truly one of my favorite to use and I have owned multiple kayaks in the past. Standing up is easy and casting a line out is simple. It's been used for fly fishing as well. If you are looking for something that allows you to have room and unrestricted movements, this is it. Great for family fun or solo adventures.

Casey Vernoy
Amazing Kayak

This kayak is unbelievably stable. I am 6’ 186lbs and I have no problem standing up. I can throw a cast net from it just fine. Easy to paddle and tracks straight thru the water. Definitely happy with my purchase!

Alex Rodgers
Coolest Kayak I mean SUP I mean Kayak EVER

I've owned a lot of kayaks over the years and the Cubera 120 is hands down the coolest kayak I've had. It paddles straight when paddling and turns on a dime when you need to turn. Having a totally open deck is well freeing! All the space in the world to move around and put stuff and it's crazy stable too. I've got it with the Summit Seat and standing perch. I don't really stand on the perch but it's great for sitting higher and stretching my back. Good job Vibe, this boat rocks!

Caitlyn Pierson
Great board for dogs

I wanted to get a paddle board for me and my two large-breed dogs. One is 90 lbs and the other is 70 lbs. I wanted something stable and roomy. I initially wanted to go a cheaper route and considered an inflatable, but after talking with the Vibe staff and reading reviews, I got this one instead. It was GREAT on a busy day on the lake. Very stable and the dogs both fit comfortably. The only downside is that it is heavy - about 73 lbs - which will make it more difficult for me to load and transport it alone. It is worth it though, because it’s so sturdy and has the handy rails to attach a cup holder and cooler. Highly recommend for recreational paddling with pups!