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Sea Ghost 130

Slate Blue
Vendor: Vibe
SKU: VKB-20R-SG13001-SB



The Sea Ghost 130 is our all-expeditions kayak designed for any ocean, lake, or river. At 13 ft, it is one of our most stable and spacious kayaks. Our Vibe signature stability and balance make every cast smooth whether seated or standing.

If long-distance adventures are your thing, the Sea Ghost 130 provides comfort and ample space for all-day paddles. It can haul a ton of fishing or camping gear with ease so you won't be fatigued when you arrive at your destination.



The Sea Ghost 130 is our all-expeditions kayak designed for any ocean, lake, or river. At 13 ft, it is one of our most stable and spacious kayaks. Our Vibe signature stability and balance make every cast smooth whether seated or standing.

If long-distance adventures are your thing, the Sea Ghost 130 provides comfort and ample space for all-day paddles. It can haul a ton of fishing or camping gear with ease so you won't be fatigued when you arrive at your destination.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Dave Marinelli
The scull & paddle club

This kayak is bad ass absolutely freaking perfect .Exactly what I was looking for ,well thought out design plenty of storage couldn’t be happier .Make sure you buy the deck Padding When you order the kayak and I love the raven color !

J. Neal
Majot issues with seat

Everything advertised showed came with a Grey Hero seat that everyone raving about. Got kayak and had a seat they called the Hero 2.0. should be called the Zero 2pointNo seat. Front Rail digs into back of your thighs, the clips holding the back of the seat to the bottom have a habit of popping open.
After 15 minutes my backside felt like I was in seat 10 hours, At end of the day after only an hour my lower back so sore could hardly move or bend over to get items. My son tried amd had the same issue. Used in the lowest setting the seat back popping open constantly. Pulled to a bank and reset to highest setting and still bar dug in, but butt sank into seat so more comfortable.
The side rails have no indenton at ends to slide on accessories
The wing tops for the rear bungie too small to run cords over an icechest or pull tight the cord not stay secure unless wrap around wingnut shaped tie-downs. Need to be longer wings or taller with M shape to secure the cord tighter.
Took a bit to get use to narrown interior and center console that I really liked to have storage. Was very easy to get up to speed, tracking was spot on. When wind kicked up and deployed the rudder it was amazing kept on track and position when floating.
After purchased and got home to install parts I found the rudder knob to the spring stripped. Quick email and they shipped out a new one. Very impressed with Customer Service.
Bungie seat straps too loose when turn or lean back seat moves.


Not stabile as sId. Primary is outstanding. Secondary is zero
When pouring the coals to it, it flies as if on plane. Have boated MANY slot snook. . You will go over if not within primary Stability. I can definitely say, I can out paddle ANY peddle drive boat..
And I wd put money in it. Don't press secondary stability. You want a kayak that will beat the elements, you have it. You want a kayak that will give you fps per thrust with your paddle, you ve found it. You want to dust those behind you...yessA....you are there. This boat FLIES. FLY'S (WHtever)
Those that hv said it's not so fast must not have a good paddle . HHa haha
Break off some thrust and hook up with something serious and you'll see this boat gets a 12....on a scale to 10.q.
Including tarpon. Best in 2017...BS...BEST TO DATE

Jason wolfe
Tracks like a dream!

If you are looking for a stable kayak that tracks like a dream and has ample in hull storage. Look no further. The Seaghost130 is packed with options, and the new Hero seat 2.0 opens up storage under the seat as well.

One of my seaghost has floated over 4000 miles of river and is still out there getting it done.

Best bang for your buck!

This is one feature rich kayak with endless rigging options. It's fast, tracks well, and feels very stable as long as I'm sitting down. I did stand up in it but it felt pretty shaky. I'm 5'9", 170lbs and consider myself to have pretty good balance but I did not feel very comfortable standing and paddling. The seat is very comfortable( I can easily do 6 to 8 hour days on this kayak) and there is a ton of storage. The center console is fantastic! I do have a couple of small gripes. First, the foot rests feel very cheap and are difficult to adjust. I literally have to bang on them with the bottom of my fist to get them to move up and down the track. I'm not sure if I just got a bad set or if others are having the same problem. The only other issue I have, and it's relatively minor, is the rudder system feels very "mushy". It might just be the string used to move the rudder back and forth. I will probably replace it with wire in the near future. Overall this is an excellent kayak, especially at this price point. Very happy with my purchase and will 100% recommend the Sea Ghost.


  • Length: 13'
  • Width: 33.5"
  • Capacity: 550 pounds
  • Hull Weight: 74 pounds
  • Fully Loaded Weight: 92 pounds
  • Paddlers: Single Person
  • Material: Rotomolded single piece high density polyethylene
  • Package Includes: Vibe Hero Seat

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Everything Anglers Need & More

Along with pro angler rigging & storage options galore, a built-in rudder saves energy on long paddles, windy days, or strong currents.

Heavy Duty Payloads

The heavy-duty pickup of the kayak world with a capacity of 550 lbs.

Speed and Stability Combined

Slices through surf or current and still offers super stability to fight and set any size fish.

Summit Perch Compatible

The quick-dry, super-plush Hero Seat, with two optimized seating positions, accommodates the Summit Seat Perch for superb sight fishing.

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130


Slow Moving Rivers
Fast Current
Choppy Water


Vibe Sea Ghost 130 kayak cockpit with center console

Versa Center Console

Features a Verse Center Console with a watertight seal, hinged access, dual mini hatches with PVC cargo bags, a magnetic lure catch-all, cup holder, and two gear tracks.

Vibe Sea Ghost 130 20

20" Sealed Oval Hatch

Storage abounds with the 20-inch front hatch, featuring a PVC cargo bag to keep your gear organized and dry. There is plenty of room for larger cargo needs, such as a spare paddle or even camping gear.

Vibe Sea Ghost kayak bungee paddle park

Quick Paddle Park

Spend time fighting fish, not your gear. Features a bungee quick paddle park that allows you to securely stow your paddle within reach but out of the way.

Vibe Kayaks Hero framed seat

Hero Seat 2.0

Includes the dual-position Vibe Hero Seat. The breathable mesh fabric dries quickly and ensures both you and your seat stay dry. Adjustable straps allow you to create your most comfortable back support position so you can fish all day.

Vibe Kayaks Flush Mount Fishing Rod Holders

x2 Flush Mount Rod Holders

Keep your essential rods within quick reach and ensure they stay out of the way of your cast and tree branches with two rear flush-mount rod holders.

Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Kayak Tackle Tray Slots next to hero seat

x2 Tackle Tray Slots

Tackle changes are fast and easy with the two 3600 series tackle tray slots, one on either side of your chair, which can be secured under the bungee lashing and pulled out with just one hand.

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 Rear V-Wave Storage Hatch

Rear Cargo

Bring everything you need for a full day's adventure with the large rear tankwell, bungee cargo net to secure your crate or other gear, and the 8-inch V Wave Deck Plate that includes a PVC cargo bag.

Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Fishfinder transducer port with protection plate

Protected Transducer Port

The fishfinder transducer port features mounting points and a protective lid, keeping the transducer unobstructed. This allows the down imaging technology to function with optimal performance while also providing protection against head-on collision damage.

Vibe Kayaks Replaceable Stern Skid Plate

Replaceable Skid Plate

The replaceable skid plate safeguards the kayak's keel from damage caused by dragging over rough surfaces.


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