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Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks
Uptown 100 Lite - Vibe Kayaks

Uptown 100 Lite

SKU: VKB-23R-UT10001-CB

The Vibe Uptown 100 Lite is Vibe’s latest innovation in watercraft technology—our first inflatable featuring a pedal drive system. Enjoy the stability and superior performance of a Vibe inflatable with the speed and hands-free propulsion of the Vibe Impulse Drive, and a hand-operated rudder steering system for maximum control and precise navigation.

The Vibe Uptown 100 comes ready to customize with 4 gear tracks, 16 stainless steel D-ring lash points, and 2 cargo storage areas with reflective bungees. The package includes the versatile Vibe Switchback Seat, an ergonomic, breathable, and adjustable frame seat offering two height adjustment options for unparalleled paddling comfort. The Uptown 100 Lite also includes the 4-piece Roamer Paddle, a convertible and adjustable paddle that can be configured as a single-bladed SUP paddle or a double-bladed kayak paddle.

Everything included with the Uptown 100 Lite fits conveniently in the durable transport and storage bag. This ensures seamless solo transportation, whether you prefer utilizing the built-in roller wheels and handle or the adjustable padded shoulder straps. This versatile design makes traveling by plane, train, RV, or automobile more convenient than ever.

Whether you're a seasoned paddler or a first-time adventurer, the Vibe Uptown 100 Lite is your ticket to endless exploration. Get ready to embark on unforgettable adventures with the perfect blend of performance, convenience, and style. Your new travel companion is officially here.


  • Length: 10'
  • Width: 39"
  • Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Hull Weight: 33 lbs
  • Loaded Weight: 42 lbs
  • Paddlers: Solo with child or dog
  • Material: Drop-stitched PVC
  • Package Includes: Vibe Impulse Drive Pedal Kit, Vibe Switchback Seat, Touring Fin, Roller Bag, 4-Piece Roamer iSUP Hybrid Paddle, Patch Kit, Floor Pump

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Kayaks are not covered by the 14-day return policy and cannot be returned. If you have any questions on what product is right for you prior to purchasing, please feel free to contact our customer service team and ask their advice.

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We offer free shipping for accessory purchases of $99 or more.

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We offer several kayak shipping choices, and usually, it takes about 20 business days to get your kayak. But, if you live somewhere off the beaten path, it might take a tad longer.

We are stoked to extend adventures to so many people with kayak shipping capabilities— we ask for your patience in doing so!

Uptown 100 Lite PDP Feature Images_DSC07888.jpg__PID:c84c2caa-d5de-4b1e-8eea-297ce9c7adf1


The Vibe Switchback is a folding, stadium-style seat that has two comfortable seating positions. Seat easily mounts to the board with D-rings and provided straps.

Uptown 100 Lite PDP Feature Images_DSC08036.jpg__PID:2caad5de-7b1e-4eea-a97c-e9c7adf19ce3


Inflating and deflating is quick and simple with the two-way operation valve. With a push of a button, the air is sealed for a day of fully inflated adventure.

Uptown 100 Lite PDP Feature Images_DSC08106.jpg__PID:d5de7b1e-8eea-497c-a9c7-adf19ce38b9e


The Vibe Roamer Hybrid gives the paddler the option between a SUP T-handle for stand paddling and a dual-blade coupler for seated kayak-style paddle adventures.

Uptown 100 Lite PDP Feature Images_DSC07972.jpg__PID:7b1e8eea-297c-49c7-adf1-9ce38b9e6c7b


The Impulse Drive is a quick install propellor-driven system that effortlessly propels your kayak forward, has reverse capability, and makes the Uptown 100 Lite the only pedal-drive inflatable on the market.

Uptown 100 Lite PDP Feature Images_DSC07926.jpg__PID:8eea297c-e9c7-4df1-9ce3-8b9e6c7b6173


The rudder system includes a steering handle and cables to make the Uptown 100 Lite advanced in tracking and maneuverability never before seen in an inflatable kayak.

Uptown 100 Lite PDP Feature Images_DSC08061.jpg__PID:297ce9c7-adf1-4ce3-8b9e-6c7b617316d4


The removable fin gives this lightweight inflatable kayak additional tracking and stability support. It requires no hardware so it’s easy to install right before hitting the water.


Take your kayaking adventures to places you've never been and get out of the water just as quickly with our high-pressure inflate and easy-deflate design.


The high-pressure inflatable hull provides firm footing with EVA foam deck padding, a zero deck flex for a stable platform that is easy to paddle.


The only inflatable kayak/SUP to include a pedal drive system, plus functional fishing features and a framed seat. 


The handles provide a comfortable grip, allowing you to easily carry from your car to the water's edge. No need for a helping hand—this is designed for the solo adventurer who craves the freedom to explore at their own pace.

Vibe Kayaks Cubera 120


Slow Moving Rivers
Fast Current
Choppy Water




Uptown 100 Collage Images_20230728_092344.jpg__PID:8b9e6c7b-6173-46d4-b872-04b126a86883
Uptown 100 Collage Images_DJI_0050.jpg__PID:6c7b6173-16d4-4872-84b1-26a86883370d
Uptown 100 Collage Images_RRL08894.jpg__PID:04b126a8-6883-470d-b665-d7ac9a96fe81
Uptown 100 Collage Images_DSC03551.jpg__PID:16d4f872-04b1-46a8-a883-370d7665d7ac
Uptown 100 Collage Images_DSC03834.jpg__PID:f87204b1-26a8-4883-b70d-7665d7ac9a96
Uptown 100 Collage Images_DSC06502.jpg__PID:26a86883-370d-4665-97ac-9a96fe81d9a7
Uptown 100 Collage Images_DSC03564.jpg__PID:6883370d-7665-47ac-9a96-fe81d9a75d34
Uptown 100 Collage Images_RRL08935.jpg__PID:370d7665-d7ac-4a96-be81-d9a75d3432b9

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Philip O'Connor
Game-Changer for Fishing Enthusiasts: The Vibe Uptown 100 Lite Review

After using the Vibe Uptown 100 Lite I am thoroughly impressed and very satisfied with my purchase. The unique pedal system and rudder control have transformed my fishing experience, offering a level of convenience and efficiency that I hadn't found in other products, especially at this price point.

First off, the pedal system is a game-changer. It allows for smooth movement through the water, making fishing way better compared to traditional paddleboards. The ability to pedal forwards and backwards is exceptionally useful, especially when maneuvering away from docks or navigating around structures where fish are abundant. This feature significantly enhances the fishing experience, as it allows for precise positioning without disturbing the water too much.

The hands-free operation is another major benefit. Not having to juggle between a paddle and my fishing rod has made my trips much more enjoyable and productive. I can now focus entirely on fishing, which has notably increased my catch rate.

I also highly recommend getting an electric pump to accompany this paddleboard. It makes the setup process a breeze. While the pump inflates the board, I can efficiently assemble the seat and rudder, saving time and effort before hitting the water.

Lastly, the Vibe Uptown 100 Lite’s compact and inflatable design is a perfect solution for someone like me who has limited storage space. It fits easily in my tiny car, making it incredibly convenient to transport to different fishing spots.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase of the Vibe Uptown 100 Lite. It’s an exceptional fishing craft that offers great value for its price, and it has significantly enhanced my fishing experiences. For anyone looking for a convenient, efficient, and portable fishing solution, I can't recommend this paddleboard enough.