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Top-Rated Shearwater 125 Upgrades

Whether you are purchasing a gift for your favorite kayak angler, or are browsing for a ‘yak upgrade from yourself— we’ve selected the top-rated items for Shearwater owners [or lookers]. The Shearwater is designed for 3 propulsion options: paddle, pedal, or power. A Vibe Ember Paddle, X-Drive Kit, Impulse Drive or Bixby Motor Jet are upgrades that will take any kayaker to the next level. 

Ember Carbon Fiber Paddle

Ember Carbon Fiber Paddle

At a fraction of the price of the other premium carbon fiber paddles out there, the Vibe Ember is purpose engineered to be super lightweight, length adjustable, and easy to paddle. It has a built-in line-retrieval hook, and a blade edge designed to be used as a handy 'pull-closer' to grab a partner's boat or the dock. The shaft ruler lets you easily prove the length of a catch! 

  • Dihedral blades 
  • Adjustable cam-lock shaft 
  • 40-inch tape measure on shaft 
  • Built-in hook for retrieving a snagged lure
  • Available in two vibrant colors

Price: $159.99

X-Drive Pedal Kit

X-Drive Pedal Kit

    The Shearwater base pod can quickly be transformed to the X-Drive pedal system for fast and smooth acceleration through fresh or salt water no matter the currents or weather conditions. It’s durable, lightweight, comfortable for bare feet, and corrosion resistant— the perfect upgrade to this ‘yak. 

  • Quick-drop & go pedal system
  • Fast, smooth & easy pedal acceleration
  • Corrosion-resistant components for saltwater
  • Ultra lightweight at just 7.5 lbs

Price: $749.99

Impulse Drive Kit_2 White without shadow.jpg__PID:0ad90832-eb52-461d-ab0b-536f9be89264

Impulse Drive Kit

The Vibe Impulse Drive Pedal Kit brings instant reverse capabilities to Vibe pedal-driven kayaks. The proven Impulse Drive is a propeller-driven system that effortlessly propels your kayak forward, will easily hold in current and wind, reverse in tight spots, and maneuver like never before.

  • Propeller-driven pedal system
  • Instant reverse capabilities
  • Steering handle included
  • Waterproof and dirt-proof with corrosion-resistant components

Price: $749.99 

Now that we’ve covered propulsion; it’s time to talk rigging. The Shearwater 125 has been engineered from the water up to be the most customizable fishing kayak on the market. Here is a punch list of our favorite rigging options to make that Shearwater truly unique to the angler. 

Summit Perch

The Summit Perch instantly delivers superior sight-fishing by getting you higher off the water.  The additional seating position saves your back, legs and feet for all-day, every-day comfort and control, whether seated or standing.

  • Easily attaches to back of Summit Seat and Hero Seat 2.0
  • Adds 16 inches of height off water line
  • Slip-free premium EVA padding

Price: $119.99


Premium Deck Padding

Enhance your kayaking adventures with a Vibe Premium Deck Padding Kit. Designed to match the sleek aesthetics of your Shearwater 125 kayak while ensuring a slip-free experience, this kit is a must-have for every paddling enthusiast.

  • Exceptional traction even when wet
  • Premium EVA foam material for durability
  • Quick and easy peel-and-stick installation

Price: $134.99

The Shearwater 125 is the most complete fishing kayak fit for any budget. You can mod out this vessel to fit your adventure needs at your own pace. We've added a few more items perfect for this kayak below.