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How to Rig Your Cubera 120

How to Rig Your Cubera 120 - Vibe Kayaks

Rigging boats is a pastime in and of itself, providing paddlers the chance to personalize their vessel of choice to suit their specific needs and wants. In today’s world, rigging options are endless. Most vessels on the market come pre-equipped with features that are designed to anticipate what consumers want, but many users want the flexibility to further customize their rides.

This is where the Cubera 120 comes into play.

The Cubera isn’t just a SUP (stand up paddleboard), nor is it just a kayak; it’s what we in the industry call a hybrid vessel. It offers a blank canvas for every user to customize it to their exact specifications. Let’s take a look at what we mean.


The first thing you’ll notice upon setting eyes on the Cubera 120 is its open, flat deck concept. This allows the user to paddle this craft in a variety of ways. For the standing minimalist using the Cubera like a SUP, rigging is simple! They can be ready to adventure with just a SUP paddle.

For those who prefer paddling the Cubera like a kayak, there are a variety of options:

  1. Vibe Summit Seat - This amazing premium comfort and performance upgrade is the same seat found in the best-selling Elite Series pro-level Vibe Shearwater 125, and this seat delivers optimal paddling positions and stronger sight-fishing opportunities while maintaining an adjustable and super comfortable ride throughout the day.

    In addition, the optional Summit Perch can be added to the back of the Summit Seat to offer you an unrivaled fishing platform 16-inches above the water!
  2. Cooler - Another option is to use a 20 quart cooler as a seat, if you don't have a Summit Seat. Not only is this option dual purpose, but a cooler seat provides you with an DIY seating option that allows for easy access to beverages or bait. You can also outfit the top of your cooler with MarineMat deck padding or even YakGear’s Cooler Seat for a little extra comfort. For those of you that rely heavily on sight casting, you can even use the cooler as a standing platform for a higher vantage point.

You’ll want to secure your seat to the Cubera 120. The best way to do this is by using the integrated seat tracks if using the Summit Seat, or for the cooler, use the Vibe 3ft Tie Down Straps which are perfect for securing coolers and crates.

With the plethora of attachment points on the Cubera 120, finding a spot for your seat is a breeze. The best part? Nothing is permanent! Say you have a heavier load than usual (i.e. camping vs. fishing vs. recreational use), you can move the seat back and forth to help trim out the vessel depending on where you have the weight. The variety of seating options means paddling a Cubera can be completely different every time you go out on the water!


Storing items on your kayak is always an important part of the game and the Cubera gives you ample room to do so! Although the Cubera comes equipped with a shallow 8” hatch perfect for car keys, wallet, phone, etc., be sure that they are in a waterproof bag as the hatch is not considered 100% waterproof.

For the ultimate in storage customization, Vibe has designed a whole series of mesh organizers that can attach to coolers, crates, seats and more – from convenient tackle tray storage, to a mesh bottle holder with an insulated bottle, to mesh plier holders, and even large 3-pocket organizers to store anything and everything while enabling quick-dry ease. 

Milk crates have been a staple for kayak anglers for a very long time, and for good reason. They’re lightweight and durable, and can be modified with rod holders – such as the YakGear Kayak Angler Crate Kit or tackle storage and navigational lights; they also provide additional attachment points. 

The 5 different flush mount tracks that come standard on the Cubera are perfect for adding multiple rod holders such as the YakAttack Omega Pro Rod Holder. The open deck design on the Cubera also allows you to stow bulky items much easier than on a traditional yak. Items such as landing nets and the Vibe Hawg Trough measuring stick (that are usually awkward to carry) lie nicely in front on an optional leash or even behind you without getting in the way, while also remaining easily accessible. Other storage solutions may include YakGear accessory pouches that attach nicely to the milk crate or Summit Seat. Don’t let these storage solutions limit you though, the options are endless! Let’s see what YOU come up with!

Additional Rigging

Once you figure out your seating and storage arrangements, you can then start focusing on some additional items to finely tune your craft. Items such as camera mounts like the BoomStick Pro Camera Mount, rod holders, stand up assist bars and even transducer mounts such as the YakAttack Humminbird Helix Fish Finder Mount with Track Mounted LockNLoad Mounting System can be outfitted on the Cubera 120 using the lush mount gear tracks located along the sides and the bow. I would also recommend tethering down your “tools of the trade” such as pliers and The Fish Grip as to not knock them overboard. YakAttack’s Track Mounted Retractor is the perfect fit to keep your accessories close and secure.

Boasting a 475 lb. weight capacity, you can be sure that the Cubera 120 can handle anything you decide to throw at it. Five integrated gear tracks and bungee tie-down systems located on the bow and stern make it the most versatile paddling craft on the market.

From coastal waters to skinny back county rivers and creeks, the Cubera 120 is fast, maneuverable and up to the challenge. Customize yours how you like it — we’d love to see what you come up with.