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Best Sight Fishing Gear for Shearwater or Cubera

Best Sight Fishing Gear for Shearwater or Cubera - Vibe Kayaks

The unique Vibe Summit Seat Perch truly elevates the art of sight-fishing by enabling you to have a much higher vantage platform attached to the back of your Vibe Summit kayak seat which is a full 16-inches off the water! So, whether you’re sitting or standing on the Perch, you’ll be able to see way farther than any other kayak angler – so you can see and cast at the Big Ones way before they can see or sense you. Being higher off the water makes it far easier to spot tell-tale signs of where fish are hiding, which is the whole basis for sight-fishing.

Sight-fishing is the advanced skill of being able to spot where a target fish is before they are aware of your presence and then coax it to eat your lure, bait or fly. There are different sight fishing techniques for different freshwater or saltwater species, and here's one of our articles to help you improve your sight fishing techniques – and the Summit Perch makes all of these much easier to perform.

The Summit Perch is purposefully designed for the Vibe Summit Seat – which fits either the elite ultra-versatile Vibe Shearwater 125 pro fishing kayak or the hybrid SUP Cubera 120 fishing kayak. The Summit Seat itself is the latest innovation in kayak seating – with not only four-adjustable “Power and Comfort Positions”, but also quick-dry, weather-tough, superior lumbar, back and seat comfort for all-day, every-day kayaking.

So, you now you know that the Summit Perch can vastly accelerate your sight-fishing game, but how easy is it to install on the Vibe Summit Seat?

It's super quick and easy, and the only tool required is a Philips head screwdriver. Installation is simple. You can follow these easy steps and watch this video and you should be able to do it yourself in a matter of minutes.

How To Install The Vibe Summit Perch:

  1. You will want to take the Summit Seat out of the kayak and set it on a nice solid surface like a table.
  2. Take the perch mounts and place them loosely on all 4 corners on the back of the seat.
  3. Place the hardware in place on the mounts loosely as you will need to make some adjustments later.
  4. Line up the 4 posts on the perch with the posts, moving the posts as needed so the perch fits snuggly over all of them.
  5. Once the perch is in place, make sure that the posts are seated fully onto the perch.
  6. Tighten all hardware.

And that is all there is to it!

With the Vibe Summit Seat and the Summit Perch you now have an unprecedented advantage. Taking your sight-fishing game to new heights.