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Product Spotlight Linecutterz and Anglr

Written by Matt Charette on July 17, 2020

Sometimes products come out that change the way we approach our daily lives on the water. In recent years 2 small products stand out above the rest when it comes to convenience and function. Linecutterz hit the market in a space that really had not seen much innovation for YEARS. And ANGLR came through the tech riddled sector to show us that sometimes simplicity wins. Both products would be overlooked in a glance at a feature-rich fishing kayak. But if you ask the owner of them what they are, they will tell you that they are both irreplaceable.

Linecutterz introduced us to an easier and quicker way to cut line. While this may seem like no big deal, until recently everyone was carrying around little scissors or heavy-duty industrial clippers. Linecutterz rings shrunk this task down to its basic function. You simply pull the line through the stationary cutter and it's cut and ready to go, you can wear it, mount it on your boat, they even make a zipper pull version so you can have it handy on your PFD. Such a simple product, that makes fumbling around in your tackle box for a cutter, a thing of the past.

ANGLR takes a function that used to be several different tasks and bundles it into one easy to use button. Before ANGLR people who wanted to record the specifics of their catches had to bring along a journal. Sure, you could drop a waypoint on your fish finder, but that only tells you where you caught the fish. Kayak fishing anglers for years have been journaling their catch specifics; weather, temp, wind direction, coordinates, depth, lure type, and color, some even recording moon phase, and water level. Guides have kept these journals to help them pattern fish in every condition. ANGLR took this approach, added the ability to track your trip with a map, and even added some stats that most anglers do not readily have access to, all with the press of a button, which can easily be mounted on your kayak, hat, or even on a lanyard.

Two quite different tiny little products, that have changed the way we approach our day on the water. Both with unique uses, and both invaluable time savers. Check them out in the links above.

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