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Positive Vibes: Reviewers Weigh In on Vibe Kayaks and Coolers

Written by Lauren Nelson on September 19, 2017

We believe if you put good vibes out in the universe, you tend to get good vibes back. That’s been especially true lately as Vibe Kayaks and Vibe Element coolers have been getting great reviews from publications we love.

The Wirecutter
If you’re not familiar with the Wirecutter, you should be – it’s the gear review website from The New York Times company, and a great place to do research on a wide range of new products. They recently published an informative buyer’s guide for the Best Kayaks for Beginners (On Flat Water), designating the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 as their “Upgrade Pick.” Some of our favorite quotes:

“It seems, in this modestly priced, yet luxurious, little paddling-and-fishing machine, Vibe has thought of everything.”

“After nearly three months of regular use—this has been my go-to kayak for paddles in the marsh behind my house in Charleston, South Carolina—I have absolutely no complaints.”

- Owen James Burke, The Wirecutter

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Vibe Sea Ghost 110 courtesy of the Wirecutter/Owen James Burke

Photo by Owen James Burke for the Wirecutter

Kayak Angler
Another of our favorite reads, the fall issue of Kayak Angler magazine includes a review of the Vibe Sea Ghost 110. Editor Ric Burnley, who also wrote The Complete Kayak Fisherman, had nice things to say about his Vibe. He focused on the excellent balance of quality, features and price in the Sea Ghost 110. You can download the latest copy of Kayak Angler from Rapid Media’s website to read the complete review and see some great photos.

Best Cooler Reviews
Luke and Greg write about all of the great cooler brands and we were stoked to see our Vibe Element cooler receiving good scores across the board. They like the features and affordability of the coolers and believe it’s a good looking option — rock on! Check out the extensive review here and see how it compares to brands like  Yeti, Milee and nICE Coolers. Lots of good quotes and support from the Best Cooler guys, especially when they say “Vibe Element Coolers go a step further and stand shoulder to shoulder with giants like Yeti when it comes to extra features”. They go on to say, “the fact that Vibe coolers are made by a company that began specializing in kayaks means that certain features are going to be unique to them and no one else. One such feature is the fish ruler, you’ll find on all Vibe coolers.” 

Coolers on Sale
The world of high-performance coolers is getting bigger every day but luckily, we’ve seen great resources like Coolers on Sale emerge to make sense of it all. The folks at Coolers on Sale took time to review the full line of Vibe Element coolers and compare them favorably to several other well-known brands. You’ll notice a familiar theme: Vibe Element coolers perform at the highest levels while priced at a great value.

We love when the experts pick up on our one of our guiding principles: great products at fair prices.
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