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How to Install a Fishfinder

Written by Matt Charette on April 29, 2020

Many kayak fishing pros find themselves installing more and more electronics to try to gain an edge over the fish, and over the competition. Vibe Kayaks makes this installation easy on the Sea Ghost series of kayaks. There is a molded in recessed transducer mounting scupper on every Sea Ghost, this gives you a place to mount your sensitive and expensive fish finder transducer without having to worry about damaging it. Installing a fishfinder is simple, just follow the steps laid out here, and you will be marking fish at your favorite honey hole in no time.

The only tools you will need is a Phillips head screwdriver and some m5 machine screws and the correct track mount for your fishfinder itself.

  1. Unscrew the transducer protection plate on the bottom of your boat
  2. Find the 4 molded in inserts and decide which one works best for your transducer mount, screwing the bracket that came with your transducer down snuggly.
  3. Wrap excess transducer cable around the mount. (DO NOT CUT OR SPLICE your transducer cable)
  4. Feed the cable through the hole leading to the top of the boat. And re-install the cover over the transducer bay.
  5. After flipping your kayak back over, pull the cable out of the scupper and find a place to keep your battery. Vibe makes this easy as well with the Versa Console lid coming ready to drill for a through the hull wiring kit. Mounting the battery in the console will give you easy access to charge it later.
  6. Decide where to mount the graph, many opt for mounting it to the top loading gear tracks on the console itself, or on the side of the boat. Wherever you choose, make sure you can reach it easily, and you can see it clearly.
  7. Plug the cables in and go hit the water!
(Note, this install is for down imaging transducers only, for side imaging the transducer must be mounted below the hull, there are products on the market that allow the use of side imaging using the Sea Ghost transducer scupper with an aftermarket cover)

    This 10-minute install will bring your fishing game to the next level, giving you an almost unfair advantage over your targeted species. Get out there and map and mark up your next adventure with your new fishfinder unit.


    No Drama. Just Adventure.

    Photo by Billy Reynolds