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A Day on the Etowah

Written by Vibe Pro Team on April 24, 2020

-by Chris Mercer 

I had only been out fishing one time this year.  My son and I were anxious to try some new water. When I was invited by Bearded Fisherman a fellow Field Staffer for Vibe, to go out for a day on the Etowah River. Having never fished the Etowah this sounded like a trip that was meant for us. This river has a huge variety of fish, Largemouth, Bream, White Bass, Striper and Freshwater Black drum! With lush green vegetation and beautiful secluded river views, it is just the spot for an adventure.

We spent Friday night rigging up our rods. Restringing with fresh line as I do 2 or 3 times a year. We got up early to meet the gang. This river boat ramp was about 1.5 hrs. from my house. The float was only a few miles. Our plan was to launch around 8am and be off the water by 3pm. I got to the ramp and the gates were locked.  Covid-19 strikes again!  However, the a nice local police officer was able to get the gate open for us.  To my surprise we were joined by two more Field Staffers for Vibe. Greg White and Daniel “Country” Nichols. Today was shaping up to be an awesome day as all these guys are known for catching fish. 

We dropped the kayaks off and shuttled all the cars to the take out ramp just a few miles away. We left my Son to watch the boats until we returned.  Launched around 8:30am and headed down to the first shoal. Since this was a new river to me, I was anxious to hit the first shoal. You never know how rough they will be.  I was told to hit the chute on the first shoal and all would be fine. I headed towards the water line. Hit the line perfect, and with a little water over the bow of my Sea Ghost 130 made it through with ease! Now we fish! 

We fished the river hard because we all thought the White bass bite would be on fire. They had just spawned so there was a good chance they would be hungry.  Two weeks prior Bearded Fisherman had caught a bunch of White bass with eggs this is always a good sign because while bass are spawning, they become very aggressive. I had a few rods ready; topwater, spinner, Rapala CD5, and good ole green pumpkin worm. We all fished hard and everyone caught fish! Mostly White bass.  Not huge numbers but still caught fish. We had a variety of Vibe Kayaks out there,  three Sea Ghost 130’s , two Yellowfin130’s ,  and not far into our journey we were joined by a couple more folks with Vibe Sea Ghost 130’s. Let’s just say we were all Vibing!

Caught most of my fish on the CD5. The River did not disappoint as most rivers in GA are stunning. Wide river with plenty of current to keep you moving.  Shoals were all super easy. I will definitely be hitting this river again! It was a great day.  We fished a 3 mile stretch for about 7 hrs. We all had plenty of room to stretch out. No one was fishing on top of each other. It was truly a blessed day on the water.

-Photos by: Chris Mercer 

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