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Written by Gary Lacey on September 08, 2021

Even the best kayak anglers don't always catch – which is why it's called "fishing". But, if you get skunked too often, then it's always good to have a good excuse on hand, because every angler's second fave past time after catching is lying about why you didn't get the big one...

So, here's a fool proof list of 5 awesome reasons why you didn't catch fish in your fishing kayak, and ways to trick everyone into thinking you're a way better "bucketmouth hunter" than you really are.

However, we also have suggestions on ways to get those big catches so you don't need no stinking' excuses, haha.

1. You Didn't Have Enough Tackle Or The Right Gear

Everyone uses this excuse, cuz it works: You'd have totally bagged that sea monster if you'd just brought the right tackle, or had enough room in your kayak.

You can ensure you always have enough tackle storage if you grab this sweet storage bundle of Vibe 10L Dry Bag & Cell Phone Case Bag.

Or if you "need a bigger boat", then the Shearwater 125 has more places to store rods, boxes, crates and Roy's "Jaws barrels" than any other kayak on the water.

2. I DID Catch It, But My Phone Fell In The Water...

If you can't prove it with a photo, then it didn't happen, BUT if you lost your phone, then how can you prove you didn't catch it???

This is another top excuse.

However, if you're a real bigmouth slayer, but have slippery hands, then do yourself a favor and grab a Vibe cell phone dry bag case and never lose your phone to Davy Jones' Locker. Right now you can grab both a cell phone bag AND a Vibe 10L Dry Bag for less than $15!

Or even better, by grabbing the "Ultimate Throw-And-Go Fall Fishing Yak" Yellowfin 100 with multiple built-in rod holders and more, you not only have a quick-access weather-proof storage hatch right in front of your seat, but you also have a lighter kayak to toss in or on your vehicle in a flash whenever the mood strikes for a paddle adventure.

3. Too Many "Pleasure Boaters" Scared Off The Fish

Yup, too many other boaters were out there scaring the fish off your line... Every kayak angler hates the loud, obnoxious boaters, so throw them under the bus. This great excuse will also elicit nods of the head from your listeners as well as curse words, and sometimes even an offer of a beer to help mend your wounds.

However, since "pleasure boaters" can also be truly dangerous to a kayaker, why not do yourself and your buds a favor and grab a "kayak flag" to make sure your yak is spotted when that big yacht is headed your way.

4. There Was No Fish In The Lake, River, Bay, Etc

Another all-time top excuse – but make sure you're telling it to someone who isn't an angler, as they'll just shake their head.

Sometimes seeing the fish is half the battle, which is why an awesome new Vibe lid with a brim is uber important and a good pair of Nectar polarized fishing sunglasses.

Make sure you always know where the fish are – and where they aren't – by learning how to install a fishfinder on your fishing kayak with our awesome video.
As well as grab yourself a mount for your fishfinder.

5. Someone Was Already At My Lucky Fishing Spot

Always in the top 5 best excuses = "Someone was already at my lucky fishing spot". You'd have totally taken your limit if it wasn't for the fact that someone else had STOLEN your fave spot. This excuse will also often get you some sympathy and maybe a cold brew.

But, if you wanna "up your game" and make any spot on the water your new fave fishing spot, then do yourself a favor and grab either the Swiss-army-knife of the water Sea Ghost 110 – perfect for any fresh waters – or the "ultimate big waters big brother" the Sea Ghost 130, which is at the top of the kayak food chain for fresh or salt waters.