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5 Basic Items to Start Kayak Fishing

Written by Matt Charette on July 10, 2020

When you first get started kayak fishing you may look at your buddies’ boat or see videos online of kayaks fully decked out with all the bells and whistles. But you really do not NEED all those luxuries. When you really boil down the list there are 5 basic items that you really need to get started with kayak fishing of any type. After a kayak and a paddle, you obviously need your standard fishing gear and tackle, so those are not discussed here. But instead we will talk about things that will make your day on the water safer and far more enjoyable.

  1. A quality PFD: There is no replacement for safety. When it comes to safety on the water you need a good PFD. There are many options out there so choose one that is comfortable to you, many anglers choose the NRS Chinook not only for its many pockets and lashing points but also because it is designed with the kayak fisherman in mind. It features a high back and a breathable fabrics and design that will allow you to be comfortable wearing it all day on the water, even in the hot sun.

  2. Tackle storage, while Vibe Kayaks come equipped to store 3600 sized Plano boxes next to the seat, many fishermen like having a crate to store their tackle in. This gives them the ability to organize their gear and worry less about what is on deck, and more about landing those big fish. Tackle storage makes this list because as you become a seasoned kayak angler you will accumulate a lot of extra gear. And having a place for everything keeps it all out of sight and out of mind until it is needed.

  3. A good quality net that you can trust. Trying to land fish on a kayak can be a chore, there is not a ton of room to maneuver the rod around and you often times will end up with a fish that gets right to the boat, only to come unhooked. A good net will help you make sure you get to take a picture with your trophy fish. There are many on the market so find one that will work for you.

  4. A track mounted rod holder. Vibe kayaks come with flush mounted rod holders, some models boasting a total of 4! But when it comes to accessorizing, this is often times the first thing kayak anglers pick up. Having a moveable solid place to set your rod down is invaluable, especially if you are trolling or dealing with BIG fish.

  5. And finally, a way to anchor your boat. On kayaks like the Shearwater 125 this can mean heavy duty Power Pole anchors. On other kayaks this can mean an anchor trolley and a manual anchor pole. Whatever way you choose to lock in your spot. These are useful tools for battling the wind, light current, or tides. Safely anchoring in place can give you more casts to find those monster fish.

With these 5 items you will be ready to hit the water and tackle any species your heart desires. Keeping it simple while being prepared. Once you find a groove you can start catering your loadout to suit your needs as an individual and really make your kayak your own. Then you will really be landing monsters like a pro kayak angler.

No Drama. Just Adventure. 

Photo by: Juan Carlos Chacon Photo of: Jeff Jones