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Introducing the Shearwater™ 125

Written by Lauren Nelson on July 10, 2019

Kennesaw, GA (July 2019) – Meet the Vibe Shearwater™ 125

Drawing further upon the ingenuity that put Vibe Outdoors at #137 of Inc Magazine's fastest-growing American companies, and the fastest growing fishing kayak company, Vibe is proud to debut the Shearwater™ 125, the most complete angling kayak which includes the unique choice of power, pedal or paddle in a very fast, nimble, and highly customizable package - all at an incomparable MSRP. The Vibe Shearwater™ 125 delivers the ultimate versatility in a premium sit on top fishing kayak for an unmatched fishing experience by combining features that kayak anglers customarily had to choose one over the other.

 Introducing the Vibe Sheawater™ 125 Kayak. With your choice of pedal, power, or paddle, Vibe inspires unrivaled confidence with every cast.

"The Shearwater 125 doesn't just change the game, it ends it," says Josh Thomas, Vibe Outdoors' CEO. "The Shearwater is not just Vibe's newest creation, it's now the bar for which all fishing kayaks will be measured in terms of versatility, angling features, customization, and premium value at the best price. Any angler can now build the best-in-class kayak of their dreams at the pace and price they want and can afford."   

The Shearwater™ 125 angler kayak will be rolling out in early 2020.

Two years in the making, the Vibe Shearwater™ 125 delivers the ultimate versatility in a premium sit on top fishing kayak by combining features that kayak anglers customarily had to choose one over the other. The result is a fishing vessel designed from the ground up, that delivers the impossible. With your choice of pedal, power, or paddle, Vibe inspires unrivaled confidence with every cast.   


  • $1,299 — Shearwater™ 125  — Includes Vibe Summit™ Seat (paddle sold separately)
  • $599 — Vibe X-Drive™ (sold separately)
  • $1,799 — Bundle 


  • Length: 12’ 6”
  • Width: 35”
  • Weight (hull): 72 lbs
  • Weight (fully loaded) 92 lbs
  • Capacity: 475 lbs


  • 4 position high-low Vibe Summit® Seat with standing perch
  • 8" of seat trimming for comfortable weight displacement
  • 4 Vibe Phantom Grip® carrying handles
  • 2 molded-in, heavy-payload rear handles
  • Bixpy Jet® motor-ready Vibe Gravity® Rudder System
  • Vibe FreeFlow® Rudder Control padded foot braces
  • Hand-steering rudder control ready
  • Premium non-slick deck padding


  • Flip down Vibe Summit Seat® standing / sitting perch
  • Easy access gunwale standing perch
  • Stand up assist strap included
  • Open deck with large, padded standing area


  • Paddle (requires Vibe Versa Paddle Pod®)
  • Foot Pedal (requires Vibe Versa Pedal Pod® and foot drive system)
  • Bixpy Jet® Motor (attaches to Vibe Gravity® Rudder)


  • 3 6" sealed hull access plates
  • Front cargo storage area with Flex Top® gear cover
  • Rear cargo storage area with bungee tie down
  • 4 tackle tray holders: Fits PLANO™ 3600 tackle tray
  • Removable Vibe Versa Paddle Pod® featuring:

— Watertight seal

— Hinged access

— Magnetic gear catch

— Tool bungee tie down

  • Vibe Versa Drawer® with built-in cup holder
  • Removable Electronics Pod with Transducer Mount
  • 4 Vibe Versa Cooler Hooks


  • 4 flush mount fishing rod holders
  • 4 horizontal fishing rod holders with rod tip protectors
  • 4 integrated top-loading gear tracks
  • Removable sealed fish finder pod with built-in transducer mount
  • 2 side bungee paddle parks
  • Reinforced Power Pole® mounting location


  • Rotomolded single piece polyethylene
  • 8 scupper holes (plugs included)
  • Replaceable skid plate


  • Tsunami Red
  • Raven
  • Galaxy
  • Caribbean Blue


About the Company: Vibe Outdoors is a leading international designer and manufacturer of watercraft and outdoor products including fishing kayaks, recreational kayaks, coolers, and premium fishing kayak accessories. Since 2013, Vibe has focused on one thing — giving paddlers of any skill level the opportunity to experience the freedom that comes with diving into what nature has to offer. The brand is built on a passion for the water, fishing, and outdoor living and our products are the perfect combination of good looks, great features, and affordability. At the end of the day, Vibe strives to be more than just an outdoor company — Vibe is committed to coming alongside and serving those who just can’t get enough of “out there." 

Contact: Gary Lacey gary@vibekayaks.com

by Felix Galvan on December 05, 2019

Do yall have a specific date when releasing the shearwater 125?

by Gert Wohlgemuth on December 05, 2019

How can I pre-order it?

by Ashley Goodman on August 14, 2019

I would like to pre-purchase the bundle package and willing to purchase as soon as today. Love the look and the walk through from ICAST. I own a Sea Ghost 130 now and will keep for my wife, but serious about a pre-purchase. Would love an email reply!! I recommend Vibe to everyone I know.

by Roger Russell on August 14, 2019

Can you go ahead and pre pay to guarantee your order

by Victor De Leon on August 14, 2019

Kayak fishing in California. Will love to know more and buy the bundle onces in the market.

by Paul Arredondo on July 17, 2019

Can you also get the price for the price with the bixpy jet installed. That way we have the option to order it in a package I would like to see pictures of it with the peddle drive and the Jett.

by Jason T. on July 17, 2019

This is a game changer for sure. I was going to buy a new kayak soon but I think I may wait until this BEAST is available!

by Paul Taylor on July 16, 2019

I’m interested in the Shearwater 125. My question is when do you think I’ll be able to see some specifications on the peddle unit and why isn’t it shown as an option other than price?

by russell A Henry on July 16, 2019

How soon will it be available and color options and retail price

by Roy Hall on July 16, 2019

I would like to be one of the first to buy the Shearwater bundle package. Could my email be added to the list of first contacts when the rolloff date hits please and thank you.

Best regards,
Roy Hall

by Clint Wilkins on July 16, 2019

How do my buddy and I get on the list for one of these Awesome Kayaks? We are super stoked about this Kayak. I was actually going to buy the Seaghost 130. But this new Shearwater sold me and I will wait for this dude.

by Jim Mills on July 16, 2019

When is this amazing boat going to be ready for purchase? I am extremely interested in the x drive bundle version.

by James C. Reed on July 16, 2019

You guys have really put a lot of work into this kayak. I can’t wait to get my Shearwater in early 2020.

by James C. Reed on July 16, 2019

You guys have really put a lot of work into this kayak. I can’t wait to get my Shearwater in early 2020.

by Joshua Daniels on July 16, 2019

I’m very interested in this kayak. When will pre-orders be available? Do you have any outfitters in South Texas? Will a demo model be at any expos down here in the near future? I live on the coast, and am very excited about the features and price point of this model. Might have a Hobie convert on your hands.

by Patrick Gunther on July 16, 2019

I am in the market for a pedal drive and the shearwater fits all my needs. I don’t want to wait. HURRY!
I’m in Charleston, SC if you need a tester.

by Jeffrey Tyler Ward on July 16, 2019

Will the Hull access be a quick access for gear storage or will you have to have a screw driver to access inside the boat ?

by Jose Arias on July 16, 2019

Regarding the new seat with the standing perch. Will that seat be available to buy separately for the other kayaks such as the yellowfin because I just recently purchased the yellowfin 100 so a brand new kayak isn’t on my radar for a couple of years. I know it’s just a prototype so you may not know but I really love the seat I could see myself taking advantage of that standing platform.

by Ronald wishon on July 16, 2019

How much for the Vichy motor to come with kayak

by Jason Lowe on July 16, 2019

I love this kayak and everything they is coming with it. I absolutely can not wait until it’s out forsale.

by Pat on July 16, 2019

Cant wait to see it. Exactly what I have been waiting for. It has the exact features I have been wanting: length,width, weight capacity, fin propulsion, and horizontal rod storage. This will be my next kayak.

by Joe Molina on July 16, 2019

I’ve been waiting for this day for the longest. I just paid off my kayak sea ghost 130 in the beginning of this year. Looks like I’m buying another one. Please please make a orange one please please

by Travis Tallent on July 16, 2019

Will the seat be sold separately or be able to be used on the 2019 Sea Ghosts?

by Braden Bach on July 16, 2019

I’ve pedaled/paddles a lot of kayaks and have always found that the Seaghost 130 fits my needs at the perfect price point. The introduction of a pedal drive to the Vibe arsenal is very exciting news and you can bet you’ll catch me pedaling the greatest kayak company logo all over Washington state. #Whyivibe #Vibetribe #Vibekayaks

by Gregory Searcy on July 16, 2019

I want the first production model!!!!! Standing by, lol and i hope you all offer a military discount haha.

by Dan Pate on July 16, 2019

Ready to buy the bundle once you have available. Love your Yaks, very fine quality with outstanding performance in the water.

by Brad Makovy on July 16, 2019

Good Morning,

I like the look of the new Shearwater 125. Of the videos I’ve seen from ICast There are a few questions I have that I haven’t heard answered. How skinny can this boat get (marsh fishing for redfish)? Can it maneuver in 6” or so of water due to the keel? Does the rudder flip up if it comes into contact with something?

I can’t wait for the unveiling of the pedal drive system. Awesome product, and I’m looking to hearing from you in regards to my questions.

by Cody on July 16, 2019

Will the pedal drive have reverse?

by Daniel H. on July 16, 2019

You guys nailed it. The only hard part is waiting until 2020. Need any ‘Beta’ testers? 😜


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