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April 2020 Field Staff Highlights

Written by Vibe Pro Team on April 27, 2020

The Vibe Field Staff is a group of folks from all walks of life. One thing that has brought them all together is a passion for the outdoors. The team is comprised of tournament anglers, adventure enthusiasts, photographers, and even some recreational kayakers. We are going to start this new blog series to show the public what our awesome team is up to every month.

Tournament Anglers Doing Their Thing!
COVID-19 has forced most events to go to an online format, but that is not stopping our team from hitting the events HARD this month. Everyone has been practicing safe social distancing while getting their fish on!

Nick Dyer is fishing the Mud Bog Whitewater event 4/25 (this will have published after this event, I will update you all as soon as I get his results!) Here’s hoping he doesn’t get washed down stream!

JL Fulks is fishing the TNKATT Statewide Monthly Event. He mentions that taking this social distancing time to catch up on some online events and bass fishing has been a bit of a blessing in disguise for him.

Jason Wolfe Finished up in 6th place in the KBF Monthly Challenge event for Missouri. He has also been slaying the big bass, winning big bass in KAMO’s online state tourney with a 23” hog.

Jake Suvak Has been hitting it HARD edging out his bracket challenge competitor last week, This past weekend (April 25) he punched his ticket to fish the SWEET 16 this coming weekend May 2-3, go get em Jake! Next month he is fishing the Lake Kissimmee tournament in the Sunshine State Trail on May 23rd Fishing heads up against teammate Julia Thomas.

Julia Thomas is fishing against teammate Jake Suvak in the Sunshine State Trail Lake Kissimmee event on May 23rd.

Matt C. is signed up to fish an MYA Bracket Challenge as well as  the MYA Statewide Online Event on May 9th that is replacing the first trail event of the year, he's also fishing the KBF May state challenge.

Ben Adrien is ALWAYS busy, he is one of the first Vibe Team members to check “Qualified” next to their name for the 2021 KBF National Championship. He qualified with a 5th out of 40 in the Texas KBF State Challenge. And has his sights set on the Lake Chickamauga Bass Nation event.

Zach Adkins Placed 3rd out of 105 anglers in a statewide online event on April 4th. He is fishing another statewide online event this weekend. And is in a month-long Challenge series event that ends on May 23rd.

Santos Zepeda Is fishing an NTXKC event next month, hoping to better his finish from April.

Brandon Elrod Is fishing the BASS series, with an event coming up on Chickamauga in May. He fished 2 separate events on Guntersville last month, and placed top 10 on Chickamauga last weekend!

Field Team Notes:

The team is always busy, whether it is chasing new species and learning new techniques. Or helping local communities. We want to highlight the awesome things they are doing this month.

Ben Adrien has opened a Shearwater125 giveaway to benefit feeding those who are affected by COVID-19 in the greater Kennesaw GA area.

Julia Thomas is out there catching new species, checking the box next to Bowfin and Pleco this week with 2 rad catches!

Jeff Jones has been on a warpath to become the most well rounded angler in the south, hanging up his traditional tackle and chasing fish on the fly. On top being tapped to help with a fish census for a local college, Jeff has been bending a fly rod catching big bass from his kayak. Next up, Tarpon! (see cover photo)

Kyle Hines Went and hooked into a monster white bass checking that species off his list. Alongside a beauty Red Eye hybrid Bass, two steps closer to rounding out the freshwater species on his list.

The team has been out there putting in work! Give their socials a follow to stay tuned on what they are up to on a day to day basis! Hopefully, we will all be able to hit the water together soon, but in the meantime, keep a safe distance and get out there!  

No Drama. Just Adventure.

Cover photo by Matt Therrell