Get to know us

(We're only half as cool as you might think but we're twice as cool as they say we are.)

Ray Shadwick Jr.

Macon, Georgia, US

Hi folks! My name is Ray.....and I'm ADDICTED TO KAYAK FISHING! This sport is my passion, my church, my Zen, and my art. I am a nature conservationist who loves the canvas that MY God has created for me to see. I am always fishing from my yak every chance I get and using it to fish places that a boat would dare not try to go. Love the seclusion and the serenity! I was raised in Colorado and have been fishing now for 35 years. I was introduced to kayak fishing when I was a teen using a friend's kayak with my fishing rods, paddling through some rivers and back creeks around my neighborhood. Twenty something years later, after serving my country in Iraq in the Army and working as a Rescue Paramedic in Cleveland, OH for 16 yrs, and with thousands of hours on the water, over 400 lakes and rivers in the US fished......I AM STILL ADDICTED!!! Look forward to seeing everyone out on the water catchin the Viiiibe! Let's go fishing! If you see a big 6'3" 240lb black guy fishing from a kayak, it's probably just me! Come say Hi! Stay tuned. More to come from me soon with vids and blog.