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Field Staff Journal

{Stories from the wild.}

The best adventures are the ones experienced first hand, and the next best thing to being in the action is reading about them. So, when you can’t be on the water, you can scratch the 'itch' in-between outings by checking out the Vibe Field Journal. The Vibe pro staff is here to talk adventure and tips and tricks on all things fishing, kayaking and outdoors. Adventure awaits!

Summer Kayak Bass Fishing Tips

Summer Kayak Bass Fishing Tips

Summer is main-lake time. Bass migrate back onto the main body of water, where they hang around channel-oriented structures: humps, points, drop-offs, ledges, etc. Your best bet in the first part of this phase is a slow tapering point at...
by Matt Charette on August 01, 2017
Why I Vibe

Why I Vibe

If you spend any time at all checking out Vibe Kayak’s social media sites (and I hope you do), you will see #whyivibe being used fairly often. Generally, folks take a picture of themselves catching a fish, or kayaking in...
by Billy Reynolds on January 18, 2017