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How to Kayak Fish for Bass in Summer

How to Kayak Fish for Bass in Summer - Vibe Kayaks

Summer is main-lake time. Bass migrate back onto the main body of water, where they hang around channel-oriented structures: humps, points, drop-offs, ledges, etc. Your best bet in the first part of this phase is a slow tapering point at the mouth of a spawning cove.

In summer, light penetration is a major factor in determining bass depth. Bass will hold at the lower end of the light penetration spectrum, where they can still see adequately but remain concealed from their prey. In extremely hot water, bass avoid overstressing themselves by holding or suspending near cover or a drop-off for long periods, then feeding in short, aggressive bursts.

Rivers and river-run reservoirs are especially good in summer; they stay cooler longer and have sufficient dissolved oxygen from top to bottom. Smallmouth will be right in the current, often behind a rock or stump; largemouth favor slack water close to some flow. Once current picks up, they focus in tight groups and often move shallower to feed.

Don't get stuck in your usual routine of fishing shallows all summer. It's hot, we feel it, the fish feel it - they're looking to cool off, so go a bit deeper in the lake than you would usually, follow the shade lines around on the river, find those channels and drop-offs and give them something to bite. Get out there!

-Matt Charette,
Vibe Pro Fishing Team