Congratulations if you're a new fishing kayak owner! Now that you've purchased a kayak like this, the next step should be to learn your kayak. Familiarize yourself with the do's and don'ts.

¬ Don't kayak without a PFD.

¬ If you use ratchet straps, don't over tighten them (A good set of cam buckle straps would be best.).

¬ Don't use a scupper cart, scuppers are not meant for the torque that can be placed on them during transportation (and it will void your warranty). Preferable would be to pick up one of these carts.

¬ Do learn the tipping point of your new kayak. Take it to an area that is deep enough water so you won't hurt yourself when you fall out but make sure it is shallow enough to be able to get back in the kayak comfortably. And proceed to fall out (have your PFD on!). Lean over while sitting in the seat until you learn just what you can get away with, how far you can push the balance (it will surprise you). Also this would be a great time to practice standing. This will help with confidence when things get dicey on the water.

¬ Do have a great time.

Vibe on.