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Bixpy-Ready Gravity Rudder
Bixpy-Ready Gravity Rudder
Bixpy-Ready Gravity Rudder
Bixpy-Ready Gravity Rudder
Bixpy-Ready Gravity Rudder
  • SKU: VKA-20R-GRC0001-BK

Bixpy-Ready Gravity Rudder

$117.29 $137.99

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Kayak rudders are generally not considered great works of art. Until now!

The Vibe Gravity Rudder takes kayak rudders to the absolute next level. At its base, the Vibe Gravity Rudder offers a molded 10mm stainless steel pin that offers easy installation and not only fits all Vibe kayaks but can replace most other manufacturer rudders in seconds!

The Vibe Gravity Rudder also offers a robust double hinged, 90° Slide and Stow mechanism that gets the rudder completely out of the water in a heartbeat.

The Vibe Gravity Rudder is also the first rudder in the market specifically designed to accept a motor as an option. The bottom portion of the Vibe Gravity Rudder is quickly and easily replaced with a Bixpy Rudder Adapter and Bixpy Jet to turn every kayaking trip into a kayaking adventure!

The Vibe Gravity Rudder also features a gravity driven locking mechanism that allows the rudder to lock into place when motorized in forward or reverse. However, since the locking only occurs with gravity, the rudder easily “unlocks” and pops up to protect your motor and rudder in shallow water. Vibe Gravity Rudder steering is done with robust and adjustable foot pedals. Who would have thought you can squeeze that much into a kayak rudder!

*Bixpy thruster and adapter not included.


  • Mounts into any standard rudder 10mm pin hole
  • Gravity deployment system
  • 90° quick Slide & Stow feature
  • Gravity "Lock-down" mechanism for reverse speeds
  • 18in. x 4in. rudder blade
  • Kick up feature for shallow water and hazards
  • Removable cap for mounting Bixpy Jet Motor


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