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Quickstart Guide - Vibe Impulse Drive Kit

With the Vibe Impulse Drive Kit your pedal drive compatible Vibe Kayak transforms entirely! The prop drive system gives you the ultimate instant control over your propulsion. Allowing you to move forward backwards and even counter pedal to a stop hands free! This gives you the ultimate in current holding, wind countering, all day fishability.

Installing the Impulse drive is easy, just follow these steps!

Install the pedal arms:

  1. Use the allen key to unscrew the bolt
  2. Ensure you have the correct side, they are labeled L and R for Left and Right
  3. Place the crank arm onto the spindle
  4. Tighten the bolt back into place (reverse threaded for the left arm)
  5. Repeat for the 2nd side ensuring your pedals are positioned opposite each other
  6. Installing the impulse pod is as simple as removing the current pod, and replacing it with the impulse pod.
You will also need to attach the retention bar and the receptacle to the gear tracks.
  1. Slot the plastic retention bar into the keyed hole at the front of the mount.
  2. Attach the mounting receptacle into the gear tracks starting at the retention bar and sliding it all forward
  3. Slide the gear track nuts into the track
  4. Slot the cam lock bolts through the holes at the rear of the mounting receptacle.
  5. Tighten the bolts into the track nuts making sure the rubber washer is sandwiched between the cam and the receptacle
  6. Actuate the cam lever to tighten being careful to not overtighten the unit, you want it just tight enough to not slide when in use.

To install the drive into the pod:

  1. Slide the mounting plate on the drive under the lip on the rear (closest to you) of the pod.
  2. Press down on the front of the pod angling the mounting plate against the retention bar
  3. Pull up on the retention bar pulling it over the top of the mounting plate on the drive locking it into place
  4. Pedal!
  5. The drive can be adjusted forward and back using the cam locks on the gear tracks and sliding the whole unit into position then locking the cams back into place

You are ready to hit the water with your Impulse Pedal drive system, the system needs very little maintenance and is good to put on some serious miles! Be sure to rinse the drive after use in salt water, and be sure to remove the whole system before transport!

Pedal on!