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The Vibe Kayaks Story

{Just regular people doing what we love.}

Vibe Kayaks About Us

Since 2013, Vibe has focused on one thing—giving paddlers of any skill level the opportunity to experience the freedom that comes with diving into what nature has to offer. The brand is built on a passion for the water, fishing, and outdoor living and our products are the perfect combination of good looks, great features, and affordability.

At the end of the day, we strive to be more than just an outdoor company—we are committed to coming alongside and serving those who just can’t get enough of “out there.”

What's a hobby? This is life.


High Fives Given

We think awesomeness should be celebrated, and what better way than a high five! We would give hugs, but we respect your personal space.


Vibing Customers

Our Vibe Tribe just keeps growing. We're here to share our love of nature and we're psyched that so many people are getting "out there."



In the wise words of Bob Marley, we "don't worry about a thing. Cause every little thing is gonna' be alright." Enjoy life and spread good vibes.


Vibe Kayaks Founder Josh Thomas

Joshua Thomas

CEO / Kayak Addict

Father, husband, fisherman and kayak addict, Josh can be found paddling any type of water if there is fish to be caught. Born in Texas, he grew up in Germany, Florida and Virginia and has had Georgia on his mind since 1996. Often found barefoot, this summertime junkie wears a jacket when it’s below 80 degrees, and will easily run the furnace before 7am during a Georgia summer heatwave. Josh is an analytical thinker, natural born problem solver and looks at life like a puzzle. In his world, problems are just answers waiting to be found.

Our Team

Have we mentioned recently how much we love our team?
These peeps are rockstars!

Jacob Modrzynski

VP of Supply Chain

Jacob impresses us with his Excel skills and works his magic to make sure our inventory is spot on!

Gary Lacey

Director of Marketing

When Gary's not whizzing down a mountain, he's blazing the trail for Vibe!

Audrey Patrick


She’s our number one number cruncher, and she keeps us, and our bottom line, in check!

Lauren Nelson

Marketing Manager

She spreads the good vibes across the interwebs, and makes sure y’all know what’s going on at Vibe.

Terence Broxterman

Business Development

Terence spreads the good vibes by supporting our awesome dealers and growing the Vibe network.


Jennifer Reece

Customer Service Manager

She brings the sunshine to everything she does and makes sure everyone is at their happiest!

Miriam Thomas

Retail Manager

Visit the Vibe Shop and meet the Vibe wife in person. She runs the joint!

Nick Adams

Digital Marketing

He’s our super smart web guy that does super smart things! Oh, he also has some rocking fishing skills!

Kirby Matherne

Multimedia Designer

Think our stuff looks sweet? We have Kirby to thank for his stellar graphic design skills!

Grant Randolph

Warranty and Claims Associate

Grant is one of our go-to guys when it comes to hooking up our customers with kayak knowledge.

Shawn Qiu

QC Inspector

Nothing gets by Shawn. He makes sure you're getting the quality products you expect from Vibe.

Jordan Vazquez

Order Management Supervisor

He’s the man that gets you what you need, when you need it! You order it, he takes care of it!

TJ Carithers

Warehouse Staff

The smile says it all...TJ rocks all the good vibes while slinging Vibe yaks in our warehouse!

Walter "Tony" Ackols

Warehouse Associate

Tony's our man with a plan, helping the warehouse run smooth as butter.

Alex Haisten

Customer Service

Alex is the man with a plan, keeping the Vibe Shop running.

Olivia Francis

Customer Service

Olivia's a gal on a mission to take care of our customers with top notch service.

Bayleigh Kay Lott

Customer Service

Bayleigh rocks customer service, like it's her job...well, it is her job, and she definitely rocks.

Kiley Rediger

Customer Service

You can hear Kiley's smile through the phone because she's the bomb at making customers happy.

Cole Lewis

Customer Service

You can find Cole slinging yaks out the door of The Vibe Shop.