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Vibe Kayak Parts

Vibe Kayak Parts

{Keep your kayak in high-performance mode.}

As over-engineered as science allows, our tough-built Vibe parts are designed to withstand your and Mother Nature's bumps, thuds, and tumbles to out perform whenever asked, and which will never let you down in your biggest moments. From Vibe Hero Seats and kayak replacement hardware to custom rigging projects, we arm wrestle science with science.

Parts: (54)

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Vibe Summit Seat + Base

(0 reviews)

Larry Chair Folding Outdoor Chair - Aluminum - w Accessory Tie Down Straps

(1 reviews)

Larry Chair Folding Outdoor Chair - Aluminum - Black

(3 reviews)

Vibe Hero Seat

(3 reviews)

Vibe Yellowfin 130T Rudder Kit

(0 reviews)

Vibe Yellowfin 120 Rudder Kit

(7 reviews)

Vibe Versa Console

(3 reviews)

Vibe V-Wave Bow Hatch

(0 reviews)

Vibe Hero Seat Replacement Cover

(0 reviews)

Vibe Deluxe Kayak Seat With Backpack

(0 reviews)

Rudder Blade

(0 reviews)

Foot Brace Kit