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How to Kayak with Kids

How to Kayak with Kids - Vibe Kayaks

There are many people who don’t try fishing until they are well into their adult life. However, there are some of us who were taught the ways of the water.at an early age. One of the best things you can do is to help teach a child how to fish and get them hooked on fishing.

Whether it’s kayak fishing, boat fishing, bank fishing, or any other method of fishing, it can be a lot of fun to teach a youngster about the outdoors – because today’s new anglers are tomorrow’s caretakers of our waterways. However, boredom can set in really quick for the younger anglers, so here are a few ways to make sure they enjoy their time on the water and get them to learn to love kayak fishing.

  1. Tell them & show them the fun.  One way I set the hook in my three children, was to really, really get them excited about fishing. I made sure that after every successful fishing trip I showed them pictures and videos of some of my catches. I talked about how much fun catching the fish from a kayak was and about how paddling to fun new spots was half the adventure. That jump starts their interest in kayak fishing.
  2. Let them think it’s their idea. For lure choice, I always let my children pick. But, I make sure to give them a choice of proven lures that I’ve used in the past, with a few of their favorite colors in the mix. Letting them pick a lure and getting them excited about fishing before you even hit the water will result in a lot of anticipation from the kid you plan on taking.
  3. Patience. Lots and lots of patience. There’s gonna be tangles, bad cast, lots of questions, and plenty of smiles. The main thing that you’ve got to remember is that they’re still learning. Teach them. Be prepared to not fish for yourself, but rather “guide and assist” the kid you’re taking fishing. Getting frustrated will only result in them having a bad experience and possibly not being interested in fishing again. Also, when they’re ready to leave, leave. That is key to ensuring they have a lot of fun the next time they choose to go fishing.
  4. Every catch is a trophy. When they finally catch a fish, go berserk! I mean act like it’s a 4th and 10 with 2 seconds left and your team is down 5 points, and a 95 yard TD pass just happened to win the Super Bowl. That kind of acting goes a long way to ensuring their excitement. Make sure they know you’re proud of them catching a fish. Then after a big celebration, teach them how to properly care for a fish. Properly holding a fish is important, as well as a careful release or techniques for harvesting their catch. If the catch is legal, I highly suggest harvesting the fish. Hearing the story from a kid about catching fish, while eating that very fish, can be an everlasting memory for you and the new young angler. Also take lots of pictures!

When you get a kid hooked on fishing, it can really be the one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, and it can last a life time. Pretty soon they’ll be able to paddle themselves and catch fish without any help. Time flies by. Enjoy helping your youngster fish, and one day, way in the future, they may help you.