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Kayak Accessories

Kayak Accessories

{Get ready for your next adventure.}

We’ve engineered our accessories the way we do everything — tough as nails and ready for anything Mother Nature throws at you. From PFDs to paddles, we’ve designed and selected gear that’s built to go the extra mile. Three things that Vibers never leave behind: motivation, a hunger for that next cast, and the right gear to come out on top when things go sideways.

Accessories: Vibe (15)

(6 reviews)

Evolve 230-250cm Fiberglass Paddle

(4 reviews)

Long Load Flag

(8 reviews)

Cam Buckle Tie Down Straps - 15ft

(3 reviews)

Cam Buckle Tie Down Straps - 3ft

(0 reviews)

42" Adjustable Length Paddle and Gear Leash

(4 reviews)

Journey Paddle

(3 reviews)

Vibe 10L Dry Bag

(1 reviews)

Vibe Cell Phone Case

(0 reviews)

30" Crossbar Pads

(0 reviews)

Hero Seat Bundle w/4 PK Accessory Straps

(0 reviews)

10L Dry Bag and Cell Phone Case Bundle

(0 reviews)

Vibe Hero Seat Replacement Cover