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Vibe Kayaks Sales

{The gear you want at prices you can’t pass up.}

Vibe believes in quality products at affordable prices, and on occasion, we like to give our tribe extra-special pricing on the gear they’re looking for. Our Vibe Tribe gear is designed to handle awesome on-water adventures - and for all the casual fun times in between. And what’s better than awesome gear at an awesome price?! Check here for the latest deals on kayak accessories, fishing gear and more.

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(15 reviews)

Vibe Element 20 Cooler

(22 reviews)

Vibe Element 45 Cooler

(11 reviews)

Vibe Element 75 Cooler

(1 reviews)

Vibe X-Drive Pedal Kit

(1 reviews)

Vibe Element 110 Cooler

(0 reviews)

YakGear Coiled Fishing Rod Leash