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2023 Holiday Kayak Gift Guide

2023 Holiday Kayak Gift Guide - Vibe Kayaks

Quality time spent with family and friends is the best part of the holiday season. At Vibe, we believe the best way to spend that quality time is on the water. Our line of premium kayaks includes something suited for every level of adventure seeker. You know the angler or kayaker in your life best—we’re here to help you decide which of our kayaks would make them the happiest this holiday season! 


Shearwater 125
The Shearwater 125 was specifically designed to be the most versatile and customizable fishing kayak on the market. It may be known for its unrivaled speed and stability, but the real shining feature is the limitless angling customization options. Choose pedal, power, or paddle acceleration—or a unique blend of all three! SHOP

Makana 100
The Makana 100 has been dubbed the “choose your own adventure” kayak. This 10 ft throw-and-go is packaged with the X-Drive Pedal system and doesn’t skimp on any of the usual angling necessities. SHOP


Sea Ghost 130
The Sea Ghost 130 is our all-expeditions kayak that allows adventurers to venture further without compromise! Its speed, ample storage, and stability have all been designed to tough it out in a range of water types and conditions. SHOP

Sea Ghost 110
The Sea Ghost 110 is the go-anywhere, do-anything, angler's multi-tool of kayaks. As the powerhouse sibling to its bigger brother, the Sea Ghost 130, the 110 has a toe-controlled rudder to easily maneuver ultra-tight quarters to get you to spots power boats can't, as well as the perfect balance of speed and stability for any size adventure. SHOP

Yellowfin 120
The Yellowfin 120 is Vibe’s fastest kayak! You can cover more distance easily and quickly due to its innovative hull design. The wide-open deck and ample storage space allow comfortable standing and enough room for all your fishing gear! SHOP

Cubera 120
The Cubera 120 is a unique hybrid kayak that delivers unrivaled sight fishing capabilities and access to ultra-shallow shoreline waters. Add a seat or strap a cooler for a seated option or stand up and fish directly off the open deck. SHOP 


Cubera 125 Lite
The Cubera 125 Lite is the ultimate gift for that traveling adventurer in your life! Our all-in-one inflatable stand-up paddleboard setup is the perfect solution for smaller cars or less storage at homeSHOP

Yellowfin 130T
The Yellowfin 130T is our tandem paddler for an adventurous duo. Want to adventure with a kid or a pup? Let’s go. Want to swap out seats and transform it into a single-seater with 13-feet of sweet tackle storage so you can bring your entire garage of fishing gear? No problem. SHOP

Yellowfin 100
The Yellowfin 100 is perfect for the true “throw and go” adventurer who doesn’t want to compromise on features! With maxed-out stability for its size, 2 large deck plate storage hatches, built-in rod holders, an all-day comfy Hero Seat, and a spacious bungee tank well, this little boat packs a whole lot of adventure into a 10 ft boat. SHOP