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Yak Gear Anchor Float Leash Anchor Float Leash
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Yak Gear Anchor Float Leash Anchor Float Leash

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Embrace the thrill of kayak or canoe fishing by releasing your anchor when the big one hits using the YakGear Anchor Float Leash. Conventional use of anchors make the angler fight the catch while tethered to your anchor because bringing the anchor up is such a long, demanding process. The 36 inch anchor float leash allows anglers to release their anchor, chase their catch and know where your anchor is after landing your prized fish. The anchor floats remain visible due to the two 3.5×3.5 inch orange floats ready for the angler to return and reconnect or pull up the anchor. As an added bonus, the leash also acts as a shock absorber for the boat against the tugging feeling created by rough wakes, waves, the current or wind by letting the bungee stretch and contract instead of the boat rocking back and forth or listing to one side, letting water in. The tugging feeling is eliminated because the leash provides the combination of inner flexibility (1/4” bungee) and outer strength (1” webbing) to please any paddler.


  • 36″ nylon overwrapped anchor float leash
  • Two high visibility floats attached
  • Helps to stop the tugging the current and wind create against your kayak or canoe
  • 2 Aluminum carabiners to attach easily to your anchor rope and to a pad eye or your anchor trolley