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Vibe Cell Phone Dry Bag
Vibe Cell Phone Dry Bag
  • SKU: VKA0208

Vibe Cell Phone Dry Bag


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Keep you phone free from dirt, sand and water with the Vibe Cell Phone Dry Bag. Simply place your phone inside, twist the knobs and seal out water, sand and dust. Clear TPU allows you to use your phone while still safely protected inside. Includes adjustable neck lanyard and aluminum accessory biner. Floats. Max circumference 7.25".


  • Protects phone from dirt, sand and water
  • Phone can be used while in case
  • Adjustable lanyard
  • Includes carabiner attachment

Important Instructions

  1. Please carefully read and follow the instructions on how open and close this bag. Failure to do so could result in water entering the bag. 

  2. This bag must be tested carefully before its first use by inserting a folded piece of paper or tissue into the bag and completely submerging it fully in water for several minutes - and thoroughly checking no water enters the bag. 

  3. It is recommended you re-test before each use to ensure bag hasn't been damaged during adventure. 

  4. Do not expose bag to direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold for long periods of time as it could damage the bag. 

  5. If mud, dirt or sand is on the outside of the bag after use, ensure it is washed or wiped away before opening. 

  6. Having air kept in the bag will increase buoyancy. 

  7. Do not use the bag in extremely hot water (40C or higher) and always keep the bag in a cool place when not using it. 

  8. Please avoid contact with sharp, piercing objects.

  9. While we take every precaution during the manufacturing process, we cannot accept ANY liability for the use of these bags, the correct storage and testing of these bags, the correct storage and testing of these bags, or any damage to property or devices contained within. Testing of the product before each use, and subsequently determining if it is still functioning correctly - is the sole responsibility of the user. 



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