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Power-Pole Micro Anchor COMPLETE KIT - 4 Options
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Power-Pole Micro Anchor COMPLETE KIT - 4 Options

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Grab a complete Micro Anchor kit with "everything-you-need" – your choice of 4 different priced package-options, depending on the type of spike-driver you require for different holding-power and lengths, as well as the Micro Battery Pak and Charger! Or select "no spike option" if you already have a spike-driver. 

This quiet, small and powerful shallow water anchoring system kit is perfect for 'heavy loaded' kayaks and paddle boards to ensure you're anchored in place for shallower waters no matter what the weight or current.

Micro driver unit is also easily-removable, making storage or transfer to other vessels simple.

Each kit version includes: Micro Battery Pak & Charger, mounting bracket, power cord, parts, allen wrench, and more – as well as your choice of different spike-driver, or none at all.

Choose between these four kit versions:
¬ 8-foot Heavy-Duty spike, for the strongest of holding power & the longest length so you can adjust from shallow waters to ultra-shallow! Holds up to 1500 lbs (including passengers) for stronger currents or waves.

¬ 8-foot Ultra Lite spike, for strong power, but lighter-weight, and an adjustable length for shallower waters to ultra-shallow. 

¬ 6-foot Ultra Lite spike, for strong power, light-weight, but at a shorter adjustable length than the 8-foot versions.

¬ No spike included. This kit includes everything listed above except the spike-driver.