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Power-Pole Micro Anchor - Without Battery or Charger
Power-Pole Micro Anchor - Without Battery or Charger
Power-Pole Micro Anchor
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Power-Pole Micro Anchor - Without Battery or Charger

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Nothing gets you closer to the fish than your Vibe kayak. And nothing anchors you better than a Power-Pole made just for your vessel.

Enter the Micro Anchor. This all-electric shallow water anchoring wonder provides a super-compact, quiet, light-weight anchoring powerhouse that was built to give you the ultimate shallow water fishing experience to safely secure your kayak so you only move when you want to. 

NOTE: This product does NOT come with Micro Battery Pak or Charger. Only Vibe's Micro Anchor COMPLETE KIT comes with a Micro Anchor and Battery Pak and Charger, as well as your choice of spikes, or no spike. 

  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy installation
  • The driver unit is easily removable for storage or transfers to another boat
  • Pairs with other C-Monster controllers
  • Works with other 3/4" spikes
  • Spike can stay in the Micro Driver Unit or be removed while running to your next spot
  • 2-year warranty


  • Wireless remote control
  • Advanced wireless dash switch
  • Mounting hardware
  • Fully adjustable mounting bracket
  • Electrical cord / plug / battery terminals
  • Quick-release cord (kayaks)
  • Free Android app
  • USB connection - for software updates
  • Bluetooth