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Bixpy 5V USB Cable - For PP-166 Power Bank
  • SKU: BXP01018

Bixpy 5V USB Cable - For PP-166 Power Bank


Limited quantities available. Due to extreme demand, items will ship in 2-3 weeks upon order placement.

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This cable plugs into one of your three Bixpy PP-166 Power Bank output connectors to provide you with 5V power, allowing you to charge any USB 5V device including phones, tablets, any USB cable camera, 5V fans, and many many other devices that use 5V output.

Auto ON means the cable is powered and turns on the battery as soon as it's plugged in.

  • Waterproof connector with cap (waterproof on battery end only).
  • 3' USB cable
  • Connector cap for when not in use
  • Protection: Waterproof connector tip
  • Safety: Connector cap for when not in use
  • Plug: Female USB plug
  • Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone and all other phones and tablets
  • Output:5V - 1A output max