How to Return Products

We always take care of our customers and will take back any product within 14 days of purchase for any reason. We can't say that we won't ask any questions; of course we will be curious as to why you changed your mind, but that's only because we care and we want to make sure you get the best service possible.

Should you decide to return your product and it is in new condition we will refund you the full purchase price. If we had to ship the product and you are returning it because you changed your mind, well, we can't refund you the shipping - it is only fair. It is also your responsibility to pay the return shipping fees that might be associated with returning the product. Please note that in most cases, shipping costs are higher than what we charge. We subsidize the freight costs as much as we can to help out our customers. If you are returning a kayak please contact us as there might be re-stocking fees involved depending on the kayak and the condition.

All returns require a Return Authorization. This can be obtained by contacting us at 678-938-8234 or by sending us a message here.