Vibe rotomolded coolers are some of the toughest coolers on the planet, at a fraction of the competition’s price. Good vibes, great coolers. No matter if it’s for outdoor sport or outdoor adventure, Vibe has premium coolers to keep ice for days, so your goodies stay fresh. Available in 20 quart, 45 quart and 75 quart sizes we’ve got everyone’s needs covered. All coolers come with features like a pressure-release valve, metal lock plate, heavy-duty handle, 2 built-in bottle openers and rapid flow drains with metal leash. Vibe’s virtually indestructible rotomolded coolers can take a lickin’, kickin’ or droppin’ and keep on coolin’. Whether you’re on a boat fishing, wakeboarding or just relaxing, our coolers are at home car camping, mountain biking, kayaking or climbing, Vibe coolers can take as much abuse as you can dish. Adventure sports nuts from freestyle motocross to mountain bike racing like our coolers, as our brand’s laid back vibe goes well with anyone’s day outdoors chasing fish or an adrenaline fix.