Cooler Warranty

Ice Retention Warranty

What is your ice retention warranty?

Vibe will replace or fix your cooler if no ice is remaining after the minimum number of days your coolers should be holding ice based on the control procedures listed below. We may require you to submit pictures of you performing the following control tests and provide us with the results. There are many variables that will affect ice retention including pre-chilling the cooler, the ice quality, ice quantity, type of ice, outside environment, exposure to sunlight, etc. Due to these variables, the ice retention can range from a couple of days and last up to 10+ days. The following are minimum days for warranty testing control testing.

  • Vibe Element 20 — 3 Day minimum ice retention
  • Vibe Element 45 — 4 Day minimum ice retention
  • Vibe Element 75 — 5 Day minimum ice retention


Testing Procedures

  • Pre-chill the cooler for a minimum of 4 hours (ideally overnight) as outlined below:
    • Purchase extra ice and use the first part to "cool down the cooler" then discard it and fill with fresh ice.
    • Pre-chill with dry ice. The cooler is dry ice approved.
    • Place your cooler in a chest freezer overnight (ideal method).
  • Completely fill the cooler with ice, close and lock the lid shut.
  • Place the cooler indoors at an average temperature of no more than 80 degrees.
  • Lift the coolers once a day and shut the cooler within 30 seconds of opening.Utilizing the above process, your cooler should have some ice remaining after the following number of days.


What does your limited lifetime warranty cover?

Vibe provides a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for defects on all new cooler purchases and (1) one year on parts attached to the cooler. This warranty covers only Vibe coolers that are purchased from an authorized Vibe dealer. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and may not be transferred. Proof of purchase must be presented at the time of the warranty claim. Normal wear and tear is not warranted.

What is not covered under warranty?

This warranty only covers manufacturing defects that affect the performance of the product. This warranty does not include coolers sold in “as is” condition, demo coolers, or prototypes.

This warranty does not cover any damage that may be a result of:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Heat, extreme weather or environmental conditions
  • Excessive exposure to sunlight
  • Unauthorized modification or repairs
  • Accident, neglect, improper use or handling
  • Improper storage, maintenance or care
  • Use in commercial, rental or teaching environments
  • Sharp objects or dragging over rough surfaces


This warranty does not cover cosmetic defects such as surface pitting, color variations, minor weld marks, dents, etc.

What happens after I make a claim?

Your claim will be reviewed by our customer service team and you will be contacted within 3-5 business days after submission of the claim. If we determine that a performance altering defect is attributable to materials or workmanship, Vibe will have your cooler or part repaired or replaced. If a part or cooler is no longer available, Vibe will replace it with a comparable product. If you are past 30 days from the date of purchase, you will be responsible for the costs associated with shipping the defect cooler back to Vibe prior to a replacement being sent.