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Vibe Anchor Trolley and 3 lb Grapnel Anchor Bundle
  • SKU: VKA0163

Vibe Anchor Trolley and 3 lb Grapnel Anchor Bundle


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No need to worry about currents or winds with the Vibe Anchor Trolley Kit. The Vibe Anchor Trolley Kit keeps you where you want to be while fishing in the anchored position. Using a nylon pulley system, the anchor trolley allows you to adjust the position based on winds and water currents. Once you find your sweet spot, the mini zig zag cleat locks the rope in place.


  • Anchor trolley system with pulleys
  • Allows the bow of your vessel to turn in to the current for a smoother experience
  • Mini zig zag cleat included to maintain stable positioning
  • Installation instructions and hardware included
  • Includes 3 pound grapnel anchor with four folding tines for easy storage
  • Includes 30ft of rope and buoy
  • Includes storage bag


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