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Bixpy J-1 Outboard Kit - 2 Options
Bixpy J-1 Outboard Kit - 2 Options
  • SKU: BXP01000A

Bixpy J-1 Outboard Kit - 2 Options


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The Bixpy J-1 is a versatile and ultra compact water jet propulsion system designed to motorize your Vibe kayak.

The Bixpy J-1 Outboard Kit comes in two kit options for Vibe kayaks – either with or without the for Vibe Gravity Rudder Adapter –  and includes everything you need to motorize your Vibe kayak within minutes. 

The Bixpy Jet uses the latest in motor and battery technologies to delivery a massive punch in a package that weighs less than 10lb (including battery, motor and rigging). The lithium battery pack delivers long lasting power that will power a kayak for more than 75 minutes at continuous full speed and 10+ hours in trolling speeds.

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Versatile Power

The versatility of the Bixpy Jet Motor begins with its unrivaled ability to be used with most fishing kayak brands; to include Vibe.  The Vibe Gravity Rudder features a built-in Bixpy Jet Motor mounting location for quick-install of your Bixpy Jet and the Bixpy Outboard Power Pack.

The Bixpy Outboard Power Pack features high-tech, super efficient and zero emission lithium power to keep you on the water for up to 10 hours. You can easily check the battery status through the LED power indicator located on top of the Outboard Power Pack.

The Power Pack includes a wall charger, a wireless remote control, and a magnetic kill-switch leash. The remote control operates your J-1 in 12 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds with a range of 25-30 ft. It also utilizes a two-step safety mechanism whereby the magnetic kill-switch must be connected to the Power Pack to operate the Jet. The safety mechanism of the magnetic kill-switch features two innovative functions in case the remote controller is lost or separated: you can stop the J-1’s operation by disconnecting the kill-switch or you can run the J-1 at 50% power, activating the kill-switch emergency maneuver.



Faetures and Specs
Outboard Motor
  • Continuous full speed run for 75 minutes 
  • 10+ hours of continuous trolling 
  • Ultra-light (weighs less than 10lb including battery)
  • Operates via wireless remote control with 12 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds
  • Powered by a rechargeable 25.9 V lithium-ion battery (333 Wh)
  • Waterproof and dirt proof with corrosion-resistant components – fresh and saltwater ready
  • Outboard battery and remote float in case of accidental slippage
Kit Includes
  • Bixpy J-1 PowerShroud Motor
  • Bixpy Outboard Battery (333 Wh)
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Magnetic kill switch with leash
  • 100 - 240V Wall Charger
  • Quick Start Guide 
  • Tube of di-electric grease
  • Allen wrench 

  • Option: Bixpy Rudder Adapter for Vibe Gravity Rudder (VGR)


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