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New Kayak Gear

{The newest gear to get your hands on.}

Don’t be stuck on the water without the latest kayak fishing gear and accessories. We’ve designed and selected gear that’s built to go the extra mile. Three things that Vibers never leave behind: motivation, a hunger for that next cast, and the right gear to come out on top when things go sideways. Here’s where to find the latest and greatest!

New Releases: (296)

Vibe Sun Jammer - Team Vibe


Vibe Sun Jammer - Wilderness Beard


Vibe Sun Jammer - Americana


Vibe Standing Perch


Bixpy Jet Outboard Kit


Vibe X-Drive Pod


Vibe Versa Drawer Mesh Cover


Vibe Versa Pod


Vibe Bixpy-Ready Gravity Rudder


Vibe X-Drive Pedal Kit


Vibe Steering Handle


Vibe Yellowfin Series Kayak Deck Padding