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Yellowfin Series Update

Written by Matt Charette on July 07, 2020

The Yellowfin series has been the adventure boat of choice for a lot of us in the Vibe Tribe, because it's always offered tremendous premium kayaking and fishing features at an unrivaled price.  Vibe has built its reputation on delivering the absolute most boat for the money.  

Moving forward, we wanted to ensure prices do not go up one bit for our entire Yellowfin line, despite increases in costs for manufacturing, shipping and more. Our solution to this was to simply remove the Journey Paddle as part of that purchase price. Most of our Yellowfin buyers upgrade their paddle experience with a Vibe Evolve Paddle, or a third-party option anyway. Eliminating the journey paddle will bring us back to that pricepoint, so we can keep the Yellowfin priced as low as possible, and as an added benefit it will reduce environmental waste.

Thanks so much for understanding, and we cannot wait to see all of our Vibe Tribe on the water!


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