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Written by Gary Lacey on February 17, 2021

Vibe knows that nothing gets you closer to the fish than a Vibe kayak – and absolutely nothing anchors you better and safer in shallow waters than a Power-Pole Micro Spike Driver. That’s why we are making sure that every Vibe Tribe customer across America can buy the nation's top brand of Power-Pole Micro Anchor products and accessories to make every moment on the water all about catching fish, and doing it even easier and safer.

Power-Pole's Micro Anchors are a critical tool for serious kayak anglers and are built to give you the ultimate shallow water fishing experiences by offering an ultra-compact, lightweight, all-electric anchor system to deliver big stopping power with a silent and secure hold. No kayak is complete without the Micro anchoring system to ensure complete peace of mind every day while making sure you catch every big one out there.

"Vibe has always been a customer-first, experience-first brand," said Josh Thomas, Vibe Founder and CEO, "and making sure our Vibe Tribe customers can easily and quickly buy America's best and safest shallow water anchoring system is incredibly important. Few kayak products are as necessary or 'must-have critical' on the water as Power-Pole's Micro Spike Driver, so we're thrilled to be able offer these products to each and every person who buys our kayaks."

Vibe will immediately start carrying a whole selection of awesome Power-Pole Micro products and accessories, which can be accessed directly at the website and its conveniently located flagship retail store servicing the Greater Atlanta area and region.

For any kayaker, a complete Power-Pole Micro Anchor kit would include a Power-Pole Micro Spike Driver, a Micro Battery Pack and Charger, and your choice of three spikes aimed at different needs – 6-foot Ultra-lite Spike, 8-foot Ultra-lite Spike, or the 8-foot Heavy-duty Spike:

¬ Power-Pole Micro Spike Driver: Designed to deliver the ultimate shallow water fishing experience, the Micro Anchor is swift, silent, secure, small, and is easily removable for storage or transfer to another kayak.

¬ Power-Pole Micro Battery Pack and Charger: About the size of your fist, the Power-Pole Micro Battery Pack and Charger is designed for use with the Power-Pole Micro Anchor. The lithium-ion battery pack easily snaps on and off the charger and delivers up to 100 full deployment/retraction cycles per charge.

¬ Power-Pole 6' Ultra-lite Spike: Providing a very light-weight, quick, strong and secure hold for your kayaks, the 6-foot Ultra-lite spike version is perfect for anchoring kayaks and hybrid SUPs like the Vibe Cubera in the shallower waters.

¬ Power-Pole 8' Ultra-lite Spike: The 8-foot version of the Ultra-lite spike delivers a very lightweight, strong and secure hold for deeper waters.

Power-Pole 8' Heavy-duty Spike: The 8-foot Heavy-duty Spike offers a much a stronger and more secure way to anchor and keep your kayak right where you want it for a powerful hold in shallow water or at shore.

All of these products can be purchased at