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High Kayak Demand & Covid-19 Disruptions

Written by Matt Charette on May 08, 2020

(Updated on 7/31/2020)
The summer continues to showcase how great it is to safely social distance out on the water with friends and family, as all of us are more strongly reminded just how wonderful our outdoor spaces and resources are, and how they shouldn't be taken for granted. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 continues to have a strong adverse impact nationwide and globally on every industry's ability to create and deliver products of every kind on time and in sufficient quantities - and those delays and challenges are reflected within the kayaking industry, too.

The sheer popularity of Vibe's brand and line of products is showcased every year with the incredible volumes delivered all across America.  However, this year the demand has increased even further to the point that it's out-stripped our robust manufacturing and shipping capabilities . We continue to fight against, and source solutions to, the global crush of supply chain and shipping challenges so that we can meet delivery of back-orders that have greatly impacted the summer season - which we are doing each week to a remarkable degree. 

We continue to strive hard towards the ability to return to being able to take in new orders, so that every single person who wants a Vibe to get out and enjoy the water this season will be able to do so.  That is our goal – and one each and every one at Vibe is committed to delivering just as soon as we are able. 

The summer of 2020 has been a unique one certainly, and none of us could possibly have foreseen the impact that this global pandemic has had, and continues to have. 

People around the globe still wake up every day to this new reality. Restricted access to their family and their friends, juggling working from home while simultaneously caring for their now homeschooled children. Watching the news and reading the headlines that finally are starting to showcase new 'hope' with each passing day. There is no denying that getting outside in a time like this is just what we need. Many states have recognized this and are encouraging folks to get outside and recreate in a safe and responsible manner.

Getting out to enjoy everything the natural world has to offer will always be the best “medicine”. As soon as you hit the water that stress has a way of melting away. This can help loosen muscles, relax the body, and allow you to feel better physically and mentally.  So you could say that getting out on the water is just what the Doctor ordered.

Paddling is the perfect physical distancing activity. Not only does it get you outside in the fresh air and sunshine. It also gets you much needed mental and physical exercise. Getting out with a small group of close friends and maintaining distance is easy out of a kayak, and you can still share your adventures with each other. So don’t put adventure on hold, get out there and enjoy the world around you!

Always be mindful that this is a fluid and evolving situation and what was a guideline yesterday, may not be today. Keep yourself up to date on local restrictions and guidelines, don’t trespass on closed property, respect landowners’ rights to close down access. We are all in this together and if we all put in the effort we will get through this together. If we are not careful, we could ruin future access to the water, so please be respectful and follow all federal, state, and local guidelines, rules, and laws. 

Be kind, be respectful, and most importantly be adventurous (safely). 

And if you'd like to be notified when the kayak or accessory you're interested in is back in stock then navigate to your future model, click on the "notify me when back in stock" button and we'll ping you when it's available!

Thank you so much,

The Vibe Kayaks Family 

No Drama. Just Adventure.


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