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Written by Josh Thomas on May 01, 2021

Vibe's daily mission continues to be to give you the best paddling and fishing experiences on the water with the highest-value kayaks. We've never compromised, because we believe in giving you more rather than less – and we consider it a privilege to be able to do so.

For over a year with ongoing Covid-19 impacts to the rising costs of materials, shipping and more, we've been proud and determined in our support of our customers and dealers by giving money to dealers who struggled to stay open and helping customers who faced personal challenges to get outside as quickly and safely as possible.

Unfortunately, continuing to absorb those higher costs just isn't sustainable for us in order to maintain the uncompromising quality of all our Vibe products no matter how hard and long we've tried to push that decision off.

As of May 1, Vibe is forced to increase prices slightly – much as our industry is doing, and most consumer products in the U.S. are having to do to combat higher raw materials costs and increases imposed by all U.S. shipping carriers.

We certainly hope that costs don't increase further at a later date, but if you are planning to buy a kayak or any other gear this summer, now would be the best time to do so.

Vibe promises to continue its focus on product improvements, innovations and the best new gear, so that our family of customers and dealers feel that they are always getting more value and more joy from our products.

Making this slight adjustment will ensure we can remain your kayak brand of choice tomorrow, and your grandkids choice of kayak in the future.

Thanks for your kind understanding and continued support, Vibe Tribe!

Josh Thomas
CEO and Founder