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Is it Spring yet?! Vibe Announces New 2017 Kayaks and SUP

Written by Lauren Nelson on January 30, 2017

Kennesaw, GA (January 2017) – We’re craving warming weather after hearing Vibe has announced their Spring 2017 product launches! Along with tweaking the 2017 Sea Ghost 130 , Vibe is also introducing two brand new vessels; the Vibe Sea Ghost 110, the newest addition to Vibe’s Sea Ghost series, and the Maverick 120 SUP.

Although you can’t visually see most of the updates on the 2017 Vibe Sea Ghost 130, you will feel them. “With such a great response to the 2016 Vibe Sea Ghost 130, we really just wanted to focus on polishing the details. Our goal was to listen to the feedback from customers and deliver them the product they desire,” explained Josh Thomas, co-owner and designer for Vibe Kayaks. That feedback led to the 2017 Sea Ghost 130 getting more structure added to the foot brace sidewalls, thicker rudder cords to prevent cleat stripping, raising the floor beneath the seat for a dryer ride, adjusting the pitch of the seat for a more level ride, tweaking the angle of the flush mount rod holders for better rod placement, and adding pitch to the rear tank well for better draining. These small changes add up to big improvements on the 2017 Sea Ghost 130.

Much like its predecessor, the Vibe Sea Ghost 110 is packed with features that kayak anglers demand; including the adjustable Hero Seat for all-day comfort, integrated gear tracks for easy customization and a toe-controlled rudder system that saves paddler’s energy on long paddles and rough currents.

“We wanted to deliver a kayak with all the same features that anglers are looking for, along with superior stability and maneuverability. The Sea Ghost 110 was really designed for the anglers that love the rivers, lakes and tight quarters,” explained Josh Thomas.

The Vibe Sea Ghost 110 angler kayak package, retailing for $829 (including Vibe Journey Paddle) will be rolling out at Vibe dealers in Spring 2017.

Last, but certainly not least, the Vibe Maverick 120 SUP is Vibe’s grand entrance into the growing popularity of SUP angling. Utilizing a pressure-injected foam hull with a rotomolded polyethene shell, the Vibe Maverick 120 SUP offers a sink-proof, no-flex deck! This technology results in a lightweight board with a solid, non-flexing deck that weighs in at 56 lbs with a superior weight capacity of 475 lbs. Always with the angler in mind, the Maverick 120 includes 5 integrated gear tracks, front and rear bungee systems, an 8” sealed hatch and multiple paddle parks.

“We really wanted to improve on the current rotomolded boards out on the market. Utilizing the technology of a foam-injected hull gives users an SUP with no flex, bowing, or drooping of the board. Our heart and passion is in kayak fishing, but including an SUP in our product lineup gives the Vibe brand the versatility to reach those customers that are just looking to get out on the water and enjoy the outdoors,” said Josh Thomas.

The Vibe Maverick 120 SUP package, retailing for $879 (including Vibe Roamer SUP Paddle) will be rolling out at Vibe dealers in Spring 2017.

About the Company: Vibe is a kayak company founded by avid fishermen and kayakers from Atlanta, GA, who love the water, its inhabitants and everything associated with being in the outdoors. We’re committed to serving our community of fellow outdoor and watersports enthusiasts by providing them with the best kayaks and accessories. Our kayaks are designed to give paddlers of any skill level the opportunity to experience freedom, the outdoors and fishing in a whole new way. Get outside and experience the good vibes mother nature has waiting for you! www.vibekayaks.com

Contact: Lauren Lester (678) 938-8234 lauren@vibekayaks.com

by doug carlson on October 08, 2017

have had my vibe 110 since june of this year (2017). a really good kayak for fishing. only problem so far was the
tackle boxes i was using would slide out of the bunge and end up under the seat. i used some old trouser belts i
had and cut them to fit across the bottom of the tackle box area then used fender washers and rivets to attach
them. worked like a charm.

by Jason Cook on June 05, 2017

Any idea when the 2017 Sea Ghost 130 is coming out? Everyone is patiently waiting.

by Juan Jose Roman Garcia on May 09, 2017

Es posible enviar el kayak vibes ghost 130 a spain?

by Tim Phillips on April 18, 2017

Is there ANY word on when the 2017 Sea Ghost 130 will be available?
I live in Colorado and having been talking non stop to my fishing buddies about this yak but it is starting to
sound like a fishing story because I have no clue when there will be stock available.
Please don’t make me purchase another brand but the walleye are biting and I’m stuck on the shore with a
picture of the Sea Ghost 130. Hard to fish out of a picture if you know what I mean.

Would love to spread the word here in Colorado about your product but I can’t get your product.

by Mike Schiattone on April 10, 2017

So far your sea ghost 110 seems to fit what I’m looking for any thought on when they will be
available? Mike

by Jason D Hill on April 06, 2017

Any news on when the new Vibes will be delivered? I pre-paid and was hoping for the first of April, but now no
word. Any updates? Tennessee is ready and waiting.

by Joe Choka on March 04, 2017

REALLY anxiously awaiting release of the 2017 Sea Ghost! I’ve been waiting years for my first kayak and I finally sold my motorcyle to
fund my foray into the world of kayaks. I’m set on a Sea Ghost 130 and have a family vacation planned for Navare Beach Florida the
beginning of June. Can you tell me when you estimate having the 2017 model for sale on your site? I’m hundreds of miles from your
nearest dealer so my only chance/option is to buy direct from you online. Any idea of the timing would be appreciated. I’m so convinced
that I’ve already been buying things like my PFD, hand pump, whistle etc. I hope it’s soon!!!!!!

Thank you
Joe Choka

by Thomas Picht on February 13, 2017

Very interested in the new Sea Ghost 110. Can you tell me when you will start accepting orders for that model?


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