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Why I Vibe

Written by Billy Reynolds on January 18, 2017

If you spend any time at all checking out Vibe Kayak’s social media sites (and I hope you do), you will see #whyivibe being used fairly often. Generally, folks take a picture of themselves catching a fish, or kayaking in some location that we all know, simply by seeing the picture, is loaded with fish, and then post it on social media to show the world why they chose a Vibe kayak and what they do with it.

To me though, the statement “Why I Vibe” goes a little bit deeper. In order to officially “Vibe”, you are going to need a Vibe kayak. But why did I buy a Sea Ghost 130? Why a Vibe product at all?

First let me say this. There is no shortage of kayak options. We are seemingly in the middle of a kayak boom and there are plenty of very good choices available. As I did my research, I always kept coming back to the Vibe Sea Ghost 130. When I narrowed down my options to three, the Sea Ghost 130 was one kayak that had made the cut along with two very popular kayaks from two great kayak companies. So why did I end up with the Vibe? Because of a phone call to the corporate office.

I had called the corporate office to ask a question and was just blown away by the response I received. I spoke with three staff members at Vibe and all three went out of their way to assist me. When I spoke about the other kayaks I was also looking at, the Vibe folks didn’t bad mouth the competition. In fact, they told me that those were great kayaks and I couldn’t make a bad choice as long as I was out on the water. Think about that for a minute! How much confidence must they have in their product to tell a potential customer that the competition also offers great products? I know Vibe wanted to sell me a kayak, but Vibe was much more concerned in the overall experience than the sale.

As I thought about it a little bit more, I realized that I wasn’t just purchasing a kayak, I was buying a whole new lifestyle and experience. I wanted to be able to depend on a company if I had a problem or a question. I wanted to have a connection with other kayakers as well, and Vibe had an incredible social media following. In the end, the decision was really quite simple.

I have been very fortunate since I started my relationship with Vibe. Not only do I have a great kayak, but I am also now a member of the Vibe Pro Fishing Team. This puts me in a great position to share my passion for kayak fishing, as well as help to promote the very product that helped stoke that fire. Spend a little bit of time out on a Vibe and hang online with the passionate owners, or “Vibe Tribe”, and soon you will be telling us why YOU Vibe.

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