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Thank you Mom!

Written by Vibe Pro Team on May 04, 2020

Kayaking is a family activity; we love seeing whole families out on the water getting after those adventures that we all hold so dear to heart. None of us would be here if not for the awesome mothers who raised us up, taught us to love the outdoors, and who encouraged us to get after our own adventure. We could not begin to thank our Mom’s enough, but the Field Staff would like to try. So here’s to you Mom! Thank you for teaching us to love adventure!

“Mom, thank you for teaching me to love and how to take care of those around me. Thank you for always being there and for being my biggest fan. I couldn’t begin to say all of the reasons I am grateful that you are my mom” -Matt Charette

“Thanks for teaching me to balance responsibility, organization, and follow through, with fun, adventure, and freedom to make choices.” -Pete Anderson

“Thank my Mom, for always showing support and giving me the confidence to take risks and follow my dreams.” -Bearded Fisherman

“Thank you, Mom, for teaching me to love life, the people in it, be an honest person, and how to make a world class buttermilk biscuit” -Zach Adkins

“Thank you, Mom, for risking everything to bring us to the land of opportunities. Crossing dangerous rivers and roads while avoiding gun fires to ensure a better life for us. Thank you for teaching me how to cook and allowing me to pursue my dreams and adventures even when you didn't want me so far away. I love you.” -Nou Phousirith

“Thank you, for giving me tough love, She was stern and made me quite aware of how my actions turned into reward or consequence. She and I never shared that lovey dovey relationship, but I always knew how to joke with her and knew what she said was out of love and concern” -Austin Hines

“Thank you, for all of the long nights at work to provide for us. Thank you for never showing how tough it was. Thank you for taking care of me after my brain injury when I could not take care of myself. Thank you for supporting me despite my mistakes. Thank you for your unconditional love even though I may not have always reciprocated. Thank you for raising me to be adventurous. Thank you for letting me explore. Thank you for always being on my team” -Trey Carden

“Thanks, Mom, for making me want a strong woman in my life. Because of her I have found the perfect wife! Growing up overseas my mom ran the house while my dad was in the army.”-Chris Mercer

“Thank you for teaching me to love unconditionally” -Jonathan Paine

“Thank you, Mother, for being the loving and wonderful person you are. Thank you for inspiring me to follow my dreams and never fear to fail. Thank you for always being there when I need you. You're the best!” -Santos Zepeda

“Thank you, Mom, for showing us not only true love and support, but also the meaning of working for what you want and having the determination to do whatever we set our mind to.” -Charlotte Smallwood

“Thank you, for always giving me the opportunity and supporting me through all of my adventures!”-Jake Suvak

“Mom, thank you, for teaching me how to pray, how to protect my mind, & for not crippling me.” -Ralph Reevey Jr.

“Thank you, Mom, for teaching me compassion and grace!” -Joshua Thomas

“Thanks, Ma, for always being there for me. When times are rough and when times are great. You have been my #1 fan and still are.” -Dustin Michel

“Thank you, Mom, for teaching me to fish because dad was to busy working” -Vincent Panichi

“Mom, thank you for teaching me that God is first & Family is more important than anything.” -Jason Verhine

“Thank you, Mom, for teaching me that having a big caring heart and giving to others is more important than receiving something” -Iliana Thomas

This is for all of the Moms out there, we want to thank all of you for raising your kids to be adventurous, caring, compassionate, and open minded. Thank you for everything you have done, will do, or are doing right now.

So thank you Mom!

-Love the Vibe Field Staff.

No Drama. Just Adventure.