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Kayak Fishing Tips and Tricks for Saltwater

Written by Vibe Pro Team on November 11, 2019

Okay, here's a Vibe Pro Tip for anyone who kayak fishes saltwater. Let's talk wind and tides!

While it may sound obvious, having a firm grasp of the wind direction/speed and tidal movement will always make or break your day (ESPECIALLY in a fishing kayak). This makes it extremely important to do your research and know how to be prepared when heading out on the water while kayak angling. Knowing how to use wind and tidal info apps like Windfinder or Tides Near Me will help determine where you should launch, where you should be kayak fishing, and when you will need to be at certain areas to avoid a painful paddle. Combining this info with a quality local tide chart will allow you to make a solid game plan for your kayak angling trip.



Additionally, when you take the time to learn how the wind and tides will affect the area you kayak fish, you will also learn how they impact the fish themselves. Both wind and tide are huge factors in determining where fish feed and lay up throughout the day, and you maximize your chances at success when you know how they will behave. Using this information, you can turn even windy, long days into relaxing paddling and kayak fishing experiences. 

Conversely, if you don't bother to plan ahead, you might find yourself paddling several miles against the current and wind, vowing to never get in your fishing kayak again. 

Now knowing how to tackle the weather and tides, go out and cover some serious water with ease!

-Kevin Patrick Hughes,
 Vibe Pro Team