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June 2020 Field Staff Highlights

Written by Matt Charette on June 29, 2020

June is always an interesting month, folks up in the North are typically fishing for big spawning bass, while those down South are having to re-adjust and deal with sweltering heat and the early signs of finicky fishing. It is the one time of year that positions are switched, and the North has some of the better fishing in the country. 2020 has proven to be a trying year for many reasons, and wild weather is certainly on that list. The North East got SLAMMED with sweltering temps, and are officially in a drought, which pushed fish into just about every stage of the spawn. While regions like Florida, have been dealing with floodwaters and torrential downpours, and Texas is making sure no one forgets that they can hit triple digits on the mercury at any time.

So with a trying June, the Vibe Pro Team has been out there trying to figure the fish out, some have been continuing to CRUSH tournaments, proving that no matter what mother nature throws at them, they can pattern the fish. Others have been taking advantage of the warmer weather to kick back, relax, and just enjoy being outside. Here is our June Pro Team Update:

Tournaments this month have been a bit fewer than the past few months, but that does not mean the team is not making an impact:

ANGLR teamed up with Vibe to give us a live showdown between 3 of the Field Staff members. Jake Suvak, Santos Zepeda, and Ben Adrien faced off against each other live on Facebook. All 3 fishing their home waters and logging their catches on the ANGLR app, between some technical difficulties and some tough fishing it quickly turned into the Ben Adrien show, both because he put up an IMPRESSIVE bag of fish at a power plant pond deep cranking, and because he was the only one who had a stable enough connection to consistently be on the live stream. Congrats Ben, man you not only found them in tough conditions but put them in the boat. I have heard tell that there may be a rematch in the works though, and I happen to know that the other 2 guys are coming for you! Jake does want the world to know that he finished in the top 3 at the event…

Ben Adrien also finished 2nd in his KBF One Night Stand event. Catching this monster to put him towards the top of the field. 

While most of the team takes a break from tournament fishing Nick Dyer is finding a groove, he placed 2nd on the Flint River putting his new Shearwater through its paces, and nailing down the lunker with a 20” bass while he was at it.

Matt Charette has been fishing the monthly events and fished the KBF One Night Stand at a new lake with a few close friends. Placing 2nd for his night, then 4th for the event, and just out of the money which is becoming a trend with him. Maybe he should have tried to upgrade his bag instead of going home to sleep.

And Zach Adkins continues to remind us all why he is quickly becoming one of the top tournament fishermen in his home state. With yet another cashed check and a 2nd out of 50 finish at the West Virginia Kayak Anglers Members Only Event on the South Branch of the Potomac.

Adventure has been the name of the game for the month of June, the team has set off on some really cool adventures this month.

Jeff Jones, Kyle Stewart, and Matt Therrell took over the ANGLR Instagram and went out chasing 12 different species in the brackish coast. These guys have a ton of fun on the water together and put up some cool catches, so be sure to scoot over to the ANGLR Instagram page for a taste of what the boys got into.

Trey Carden chased some adventure 18 miles down the Edisto River at the start of the month on a camp and paddle. Catching some bass, crappie, bluegill and catfish.

JL Fulks is on a mini-tour playing music and fishing around upstate SC. He is doing a Saluda river run and fishing a friendly tournament on Saluda lake, on top of hitting up lake succession. His adventures are always posted to his YouTube channel, which is linked to his name here, go give him a follow.

Kyle Hines went on his first full on kayak camping trip on Lake Ouachita with a friend Jimmy Humphrey and his pooch Odie, pushing his comfort zone a bit, but pre-planning every aspect of the adventure and making sure to have a proper float plan made it easier.

He learned a lot from the trip and is happy to share his experiences with folks on facebook or instagram if they want to reach out to him. This will not be his last kayak/camp trip. 

Zach Adkins is showing off now, he is killing it in the tournaments, and getting after it on an adventure. Hitting up SC catching some over-slot reds who were tailing in the marsh. And then he went to Florida and caught his first tarpon from his Yellowfin 120. I’m telling you, you should be following this guy.

Jason Wolfe took a break from tournament fishing this month to hit up the Smallies on the rivers around him. He has already broken 420 miles on the river this year! And continues to get after those swift water smallmouth. 

Chris Mercer went on a hooch trip for fathers day. Looks like he had a killer time.

Erica DeLana took the 5 hour drive to Tallahassee with her family, and met up with the legendary guide Harry Smith from HSO who took them on a Wacissa River trip where well… they went flying!

The Bearded Fisherman has started shooting a mini series with his son on his youtube, it will be a whole lot of fun to watch, never a dull moment with this guy!

Elnegro Quiles went on a Vibe float with his Sea Ghost, on the coast of Puerto Rico, they ventured over 8 miles, and caught some great fish!
(se embarcó en un flota Vibe con su Sea Ghost, en la costa de Puerto Rico, se aventuraron a más de 8 millas y pescaron un gran pez.)

Stay tuned for the July feature! I have it on good authority that the team is engaging in all sorts of adventures next month!


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